National 2: Bobigny starts strong, the GSU Entente in slow motion



For the first game of its history in N2, the Gobelins Paris 13 suffered the law of Saint-Malo (1-2) by conceding a goal in the third minute.


5. As the number of goals scored by Bobigny against Schiltigheim (5-1). After saving his place on the last day last season, the club 93 starts strong.


"For a restart match, and with 14 starts in the offseason, it's a good point. You have to be patient and rebuild quietly. Didier Caignard, coach of the SSG Entente (relegated from National), held in check by the Guingamp reserve (0-0).

Group A

BOBIGNY – SCHILTIGHEIM: 5-1 (3-0). Spectators: 250. Referee: Mr. Rossini.

goals. Farade (11th, 45th, 53rd), Bozolo (41st, 61st), Schiltigheim: Genghini (55th).

Expulsion. Schiltigheim: Decker (45th).

warnings. Bobigny: Soumaré (4th), Farade (25th).

Bobigny : Rodrigues – Doremus, Matondo, Tshimanga, M'Madi – Mendes (cape), Soumaré, El Hajjam (Calabria, 69th), El Anrif – Bozolo, Farade (Diallo, 67th). Entr. : Ousfane and Hamma.

LUSITANOS SAINT-MAUR – SAINT-QUENTIN: 1-0 (1-0). Spectators: 200. Referee: Mr. Lungeri.

Goal. Serves (39th).

Warnings. Lusitanos Saint-Maur: Gnahore (21st), Sert (59th).

Lusitanos Saint-Maur : Yirango – Edu, Sert, Sakho, Courtet – Temanfo (Autret, 56th), Gnahore (cap.), Boudjemaa, Kleish (Vieigas, 78th) – Dicko (Sylla, 62nd), Beziouen. Entr. : Move.

SAINTE-GENEVIEVE – CROSS: 2-0 (0-0). Spectators: 260. Referee: Mr. Gagnant.

Goals. Belliard (56th, 60th).

warnings. Sainte-Geneviève: Lower (36th), Konte (62nd).

St. Genevieve : Velandia Hoyos – Bass, Diakhaté, Blazi, Hébert (cap) – Rouane, Konte (Toure, 75th), Durand (Fumu Tamuso, 83rd) – Belliard, Nsiete (Dembélé, 72nd), Barcelo. Entr. : Dorado.

HAGUENAU – JA DRANCY: 0-1 (0-1). Spectators: 800. Referee: Mr. Cambon.

Goal. Diomandé (31st).

Warnings. JA Drancy: Ekani (22nd), Danfa (40th).

JA Drancy : Regulus – Moury, Penel, Ekani (cap.), Selbonne – Danfa (Levacher, 75th), Baouz, Tabet – Ebuya, Sambu (Diarra, 85th), Diomande (Kumbi, 70th). Entr. : The master.

Group B

SSG – GUINGAMP AGREEMENT (b): 0-0. Spectators: 490. Referee: Mr. Mouton.

SSG Agreement : Raphose – Magnora, Konte (cap.), Vena, Menard – Nguechoung, Vardin, De Oliveira (Nesri, 70th), Vieira (Sidibe, 75th), Guirassy (Sy, 89th) – Diedhiou. Entr. : Caignard.

FC MANTOIS – GRANVILLE: 0-1 (0-1). Spectators: 250. Referee: Mr Korbas.

Goal. Ibayi (8th).

Warnings. FC Mantois: Guella (65th), Mendy (entr., 81st), Selemani (83rd).

FC Mantois: Menay – Keita (cap.), Diaby, Savannah, Omari – Diallo, Loppy, Guella (Diao, 65th), Baradji, Balmy – Guedioura (Selemani, 77th). Entr. : Mendy.

OISSEL – FLEURY: 0-2 (0-1). Spectators: 200. Referee: Mr. Flament.

Goals. Petrilli (13th century), Sylla (72nd).

warnings. Fleury: Sylla (36th), Petrilli (70th); Oissel: Dembélé (55th).

Fleury : Petit – Chevalier, Ponroy, Sery, Paupin – Gamiette (Mabunda, 85th), Lelevé, Sanches (Bovis, 70th) – Petrilli, Bando Ngambé (Ousseni, 33rd), Sylla. Entr. : Dupuis.

POISSY – VITRE: 0-0. Spectators: 400. Referee: Mr. Potier.

Warnings. Poissy: S. Haddadou (34th), Da Silva (43rd).

Poissy: Cognard – Rangoly, Traore (cap.), Fofana, Mouchopeda – Obbadi, M. Haddadou, Oukrin (Lina, 72nd) – Kourouma (Ekofo, 60th), Da Silva (Rouag, 60th), S. Haddadou. Entr. : L. Fournier.

GOBELINS PARIS 13 – SAINT-MALO: 1-2 (0-1). Spectators: 100. Referee: Mr Kubler.

Goals. The Gobelins Paris 13: Da Silva (90th + 2); Saint-Malo: Goba (3rd), Domingues (78th).

Warning. The Goblins Paris 13: Nzeza (73rd).

The Gobelins Paris 13 : Tounkara – Badeau, Cartoxo, S. Fofana, Dexet – Nzeza, S. Keita, Da Silva, Bamba (Diallo, 68th) – Morais Dos Santos (H. Keita, 80th), Ramos (cap.). Entr. : Giguet.


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