National Bank provides loans for small projects of more than one million pounds … Learn about the conditions

The National Bank of Egypt provides the necessary financing for all public small, medium and micro enterprises in all fields (service-industrial-commercial, as well as agricultural), whether existing or new projects, through the bank’s financing programs and through the Central Bank’s initiative to finance small and medium enterprises.

The National Bank of Egypt’s conditions for financing small and medium enterprises are simple and uncomplicated, and will not be an obstacle to establishing access to finance, as they do not take much time and effort.

The National Bank has set several conditions for obtaining loans less than 100,000 pounds, and even exceeding more than one million pounds.

In order to obtain loans of more than one million pounds from the National Bank of Egypt for small and medium enterprises, the following is required.

1- Submitting the identification document to the owner of the facility / partners in the company.

2- Handing over a document proving the location of the activity / branches / stores (ownership or lease contract) and the utility receipt.

3- The company contract or investment sheet and all the amendments that have been made to it.

4- Submitting a statement of the tax and insurance position.

5- Presenting the commercial register for the activity (it was not issued more than a month ago).

6- Tax and import cards and activity licenses.

7- A list of the most important suppliers, customers and all dealing banks.

8- Handing over the last three financial statements and a recent financial position that is less than 6 months old.

For new establishments and expansions, medium-term financing is required, to submit a feasibility study that includes investment costs, revenues and expenditures expected for the next five years, in addition to previous requirements.

The National Bank of Egypt participates in multiple financing programs, including within the framework of the Central Bank of Egypt initiative to finance small projects at a return rate of 5% and the volume of sales from one million pounds to less than 50 million pounds, and financing programs within the framework of the Central Bank’s initiative to finance medium enterprises at a return rate of 7%. (Industrial / agricultural activity / new and renewable energy) to finance the purchase of machinery and production lines (sales volume from 50 million pounds to 200 million pounds).

The bank also participates in the projects development agency programs at a return rate not exceeding 10% and a maximum of 5 million pounds in financing, in addition to programs for financing newly established projects according to the paid-up capital standard contained in the regulations of initiatives issued by the Central Bank.

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