National Guard liberates huts taken by peasants in Nayarit

A massive operation led by the National Guard achieved the liberation of eight tollbooths in Nayarit, one of them is located in Tepic-Mazatlán, which had been taken since November 15, 2018 by peasants who demand payment for their lands which, according to them, were expropriated.

This last act was carried out with members of the anti-riot team in coordination with the state police. After two hours of dialogue with the protesters, no agreements were reached for the release, for which they were evicted with the use of force. 10 people were detained, according to the State Public Security Secretariat, without reporting injuries.

14 years after the construction of the highway, the Union of Peasants of the northern part of the state demands the payment corresponding to 600 ejidatarios of the municipalities of Acaponeta, Ruiz, Tecuala, an amount greater than 300 thousand pesos for each year.

The company Concesionaria de Carreteras, Autopistas y Libramientos de la República Mexicana, a subsidiary of Grupo Financiero Inbursa according to its appraisal, intended to compensate each affected with 200 thousand pesos for all 14 years, a proposal that was rejected by the nonconformists.

Due to the lack of dialogue between the company and those affected, the booth was not released, they spent the night in the vicinity of the toll booth. A cooperation was imposed per vehicle, 50 pesos for car and truck and 100 pesos for large units.

According to the Association of Road Infrastructure Concessionaires, the taking of the booth in Nayarit represented a loss of 2 billion pesos in uncollected tolls and 300 million pesos in taxes and duties.

The Tepic-Mazatlán highway has a length of 238.3 kilometers, which includes two traffic lanes, 44 bridges, five junctions, five vehicular underpasses and three railway crossings.

Eight booths were released

Meanwhile, through Twitter, the National Guard explained that a total of eight booths were released, where “dialogue was privileged as the first option to solve this conflict and thanks to the good sense of the people who were demonstrating, a smooth operation “.

For its part, the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) indicated that the recovered federal booths are known as Ruiz, Acaponeta, Trapichillo (which is located in Tepic-Mazatlán), Matanchén, Santa María del Oro, La Cantera, Compostela and Amado Nervo, which were taken for several months by groups of nonconformists who demanded mandatory fees from users of said communication channels.

Elements of the National Guard, the Nayarit State Attorney General’s Office, the National Defense and Navy secretariats, the delegation of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic in the entity, and state police participated in the operation , as well as personnel from the State Human Rights Commission.

“At all times the authorities conducted themselves with full respect for human rights, dialogue was privileged as the first and only option to solve any disagreement and thanks to the good sense of the people who were demonstrating, a liberation operation was carried out without complications or losses to be regretted, safeguarding the integrity of citizens who circulate on the roads of our country, “said the agency.



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