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Natural ways to lower cholesterol, but Dr. Sung

MAJALENGKA PORTAL – Cholesterol is a disease because most of the fat in the body. This causes various complaints to the body due to poor lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns.

They do many ways to reduce fat or cholesterol levels in the body.

Some use drugs, there are also natural or herbal ways to lower cholesterol levels in the body.

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However, using chemical drugs is often accompanied by side effects. Thus, the use of chemical drugs is not recommended by doctors.

Quoting on the SB30 Health Youtube channel that was downloaded on May 4, 2019, Dr. Sung explained that cholesterol treatment can be done in a natural way without the use of drugs.

He explained that the first thing that needs to be done to treat cholesterol or reduce fat levels in the body is to change your lifestyle.

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Increasing activity and diligent exercise. Or commonly known as a clean and healthy lifestyle (PHBS).

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