Navalni is shown in networks and says that he can already breathe by himself

Overjoyed at his recovery, the Russian opponent appeared in a photo on his Instagram with his wife and children.


The Russian opponent Alexei Navalni issued a message on Instagram on Tuesday 15-S, with a photo of him, in which he assured that he was able to do without a respirator for a whole day, his first publication since his alleged poisoning at the end of August.

Navalni also told his 1.7 million subscribers that he “missed” them, a week after he emerged from the artificial coma into which he had been induced.

“Yesterday (Monday) I was able to breathe on my own all day,” he wrote in the post on Instagram, and in the photo he appears sitting on his hospital bed with his wife, son and daughter.

Russia, for its part, reaffirmed that it is oblivious to the health problems of the number one detractor of the Kremlin and that he does not see any evidence of attempted murder with the help of a Novichok-type nerve agent, as claimed by three European laboratories.

The opponent, victim of a poisoning attempt on August 20 in Tomsk, Siberia, depending on his surroundings, will soon be able to completely do without “artificial ventilation,” the Berlin hospital, where he receives treatment, said.

When questioned by AFP regarding the return of the opponent to Russia once he recovered, his spokesman replied that “nothing else had ever been discussed.”

On September 3, a German military laboratory concluded the poisoning of the 44-year-old Navalni by a Novichok-type substance, conceived for military purposes in Soviet times, which Moscow denies.

French and Swedish laboratories confirmed the German conclusions, so Paris and Berlin on Monday insisted on the need for a Russian investigation.

According to his supporters, Navalni was poisoned at the end of a trip to Siberia dedicated to the electoral campaign of his candidates for the local elections on September 13 and investigations into the corruption of the elites.

Excluded from the national political and media scene, the opponent has a very wide audience on social networks and among young people, in particular thanks to his investigations against Vladimir Putin’s environment.

There is no Novichok in Russia

Moscow is refusing to open a criminal investigation into the case, as Russian doctors say they did not identify any toxic substances in his body when Navalni was hospitalized in Siberia.

Therefore, Russia questions the veracity of the German analyzes and sees them as an excuse for the European Union to threaten Russia with new sanctions. She also claims that she has no stock of Novichok.

These stocks “have been destroyed in accordance with the protocol and regulations of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons” (Opaq), foreign intelligence chief Sergei Naryshkin said, according to Russian agencies.

He stressed that he had “many questions for the German side” because when “Navalni left Russian territory, there was no toxic substance in his body.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also expressed “misunderstanding”, as Moscow did not receive the data on the opponent’s health requested from Berlin. The German prosecution indicated that these could only be transmitted with the agreement of Navalni.

As for the patient’s state of health, Peskov, who never pronounces the name of the opponent, said, according to Russian agencies that “if the Russian citizen recovers (…) everyone will be happy.”

In recent years several opponents or adversaries of the Kremlin have been poisoned.

On each occasion, Russia rejected the accusations despite the fact that Western powers claim to have irrefutable evidence.

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