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Aleksey Navalny is slowly recovering from the suspected poisoning that has long made her fear for her life. The most tangible proof he shared himself today on Instagram: a photo of him in a hospital bed and with an emaciated face, but conscious and surrounded by his smiling family. Putin’s main political opponent has confirmed that he is now able to breathe again without lung ventilators and he has done so without giving up a touch of the irony that sets him apart. “I miss you,” he wrote in the caption accompanying the photo. “I still can’t do almost anything but, yep, yesterday I was able to breathe on my own all day. Completely alone. Without any outside help, I didn’t even use a simple throat valve. I loved it. It is a surprising process, underestimated by many. I recommend it to you ».

What happened to Alexei Navalny, Putin’s opponent

The Kremlin remains the main suspect

The Kremlin remains the main suspect for the alleged poisoning of the Russian opponent, now hospitalized in the prestigious Charité university clinic in Berlin. According to analyzes carried out by German scientists, the dissident was poisoned with a neurotoxin of the Novichok class, and this information has recently been independently confirmed by the special laboratories of France and Sweden. Novichok was developed in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s and is the same type of toxic substance that, according to Britain, Russian intelligence used two years ago to try to assassinate the former double agent spy in Salisbury. Sergey Skripal.

The Navalny case has reignited tensions between the West and Russia, on which suspicions inevitably focus. Numerous Western leaders have urged Putin to shed light on the matter with an impartial and transparent investigation, and Moscow now risks new sanctions while in Berlin there are those who are asking to stop the construction of Nord Stream 2, the gas pipeline that should double in the near future. the flow of Russian gas reaching Germany via the Baltic.

The accusations of the opposition leader Navalny to Putin on the vote that would make him govern until 2036

Moscow rejects the accusations

However, Moscow rejects accusations and suspicions, says it does not believe in the poisoning, accuses Germany of not sharing the “biological samples” used for the analyzes with its specialists, and hypothesizes an international plot to impose new sanctions on it. “This is a provocation by foreign countries, by Western powers, this is a provocation by the United States of America”, thundered the president of the Duma today, Vyacheslav Volodin. The statements by the director of Russia’s external secret services (SVR) are of the same tenor: Sergey Naryshkin assures that Moscow has eliminated all reserves of war gas, including Novichok-type nerve compounds, and claims that it is “a fact that by the time Navalny left Russian territory there were no toxins in his body ”.

Putin breaks the ballot box, Navalny improves and wins in Tomsk

Doubts about the Kremlin version

Doctors from Omsk, the first to treat Navalny after an illness in the plane, actually say that the tests did not reveal any traces of toxic substances. However, many observers point out that the doctors at the Emergency Hospital of the Siberian city, where the opponent was treated for two days before being transported to Berlin by air ambulance, may have been put under pressure by the authorities and the secret services. According to public statements by Omsk doctors, it is possible that Navalny went into a coma due to a metabolic disorder and the dissident had a blood sugar level four times the norm. However, this version was questioned by five sources consulted by the Reuters agency, according to which the paramedics who treated Navalny did not find an abnormal level of sugar in the opponent’s blood and found no signs of a possible metabolic disorder.

Sources consulted by Reuters seem to rule out a metabolic disorder

According to three sources with knowledge of Navalny’s initial treatment at the airport and on the plane, a test showed a sugar level of 3-5 millimoles per liter, and therefore within normal limits. “There was no diabetes,” explains one of the people questioned by Reuters. Two other sources informed of the treatment at the airport also claim that Navalny’s blood sugar level was normal and four out of five assure that the paramedics who assisted the opponent “observed a clinical picture of poisoning, with symptoms such as stupor. rather than signs of metabolic disturbance ‘. “It was indescribable,” says one of the sources. “Navalny was in stupor, a state of confused consciousness, he couldn’t explain anything.”

Russia, ill for Navalny: screams aboard the plane where the opposition leader was traveling

Navalny’s allies win some municipal seats

Friends and family suspect Navalny was poisoned with tea from a Tomsk airport cafe before boarding the plane on which he would later collapse, forcing the pilots to make an emergency landing in Omsk. It was August 20 and the driver of the anti-Putin protests was on tour ahead of the local elections that took place last weekend. The vote ended as expected, that is, with Putin’s “United Russia” party winning most of the seats up for grabs, but the elections seem to have been tainted by irregularities. However, Navalny has placed five city councilors in Novosibirsk and two in Tomsk, precisely where he is believed to have been poisoned, and has thus shown that he has supporters in Siberia as well and not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“Navalny will return to Russia”

Despite the suspected poisoning (perhaps already the second against him) and the many attacks suffered in recent years, Navalny intends to return to Russia as soon as he is healed and continue to do politics: his spokesperson, Kira Yarmish, has assured this, denying the rumors that the anti-corruption blogger who has so often embarrassed Putin and his entourage may seek asylum in Germany. “It seems strange to me that you can think otherwise,” Yarmish said. “No other options have ever been considered.”

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