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Navratilova shooting at Osaka et al .: I really don’t understand this!

9 times Wimbledon’s singles victory doesn’t understand the statements of some of the world’s biggest tennis players. Former world number one Naomi Osaka, for example, has indicated that Wimbledon may be missed this year due to her inability to score points. British Cameron Norrie said that one of the biggest sporting holidays in his country is now “almost an exhibition”.

“I still didn’t care how many points were made at Wimbledon. I always played for trophies and not for points and money. For me, it was just Wimbledon and everything else was high,” Navrátilová told TalkTV.

“It’s not an exhibition. I don’t understand that players don’t want to play if they don’t get points. Are they really playing because of the points in the computer? Above all, I wanted to keep the trophy in my hand,” he said. continued.

At the same time, Navrátilová was a strong opponent of the starting ban for Russians and Belarusians.

The Wimbledon leadership is preparing for a meeting in Paris and will try to overturn the ATP and WTA decisions in some way during the French Open.

French issue Benoit Paire commented on the situation, according to which 99 per cent of Wimbledon players want to play for points. “I’m sorry for the Russian players, but all these problems are due to them,” he complained.

Former world number one Karolína Plíšková, who will defend the final participation, has been strongly condemned by the WTA.

If in the end they will not be able to score or defend points at Wimbledon, defending champion Novak Djokovic, even in case of another triumph in the tournament, can replace Russian Daniil Medvedev, who, on the other hand, has no right to start on grass London this year.

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