NBA preview: Bucks were still in favor of the East to win


Look at how the teams of the Eastern Congress meet in a predicted order: t


2018-19: 60-22 (1st, Toronto put an end to 4-2 in the East finals)

HELLO: Wesley Matthews (FA), Robin Lopez (FA). GOOD: Malcolm Brogdon (trade), Nikola Mirotic (overseas).

Milwaukee shooter 50-40-90 in Brogdon, lost a valuable stretch in Mirotic and made no profile too high this summer. So why will the Bucks to the East win? As Giannis Antetokounmpo, the NBA's most valuable player, has not reached its full potential and takes another step towards this season, it will be more than any loss of personnel.


2018-19: 51-31 (3rd; 4-3 in semifinals destroyed by Toronto)

HELLO: Al Horford (FA), Josh Richardson (trade). GOOD: Jimmy Butler (trade), JJ Redick (FA).

Philadelphia made the most of losing Butler by dealing with him for Richardson, and Horford is the player type that can make all the difference in a playoff series. No team has any size and talent, but people still have big questions. The largest? Is there enough shooting here? Tobias Harris needs to improve his 32.6% after dealing with the 76s last season.


2018-19: 49-33 (4th; end to 4-1 i semifinals with Milwaukee)

HELLO: Kemba Walker (trade), Enes Kanter (FA). GOOD: Kyrie Irving (FA), Terry Rozier (trade). The Celtics 2019-20 season will give us an insight into what has gone wrong with last season's underachievement squad. Was Irving fault all because some of Boston believe you? We see how Walker fills this void. Perhaps a young star view Jayson Tatum was disappointed by the pressure of the team's NBA Finals? I suppose we will find out soon enough.


2019-19: 42-40 (6th; 4-1 first destroyed at Philadelphia)

HELLO: Kyrie Irving (FA), Kevin Durant (trade), DeAndre Jordan (FA). GOOD: MAKE Russell (trading), DeMarre Carroll (FA).

The Brooklyn Nets were the biggest winners in the East in a free agency, signing two of the best players available – and overflowing the New York Knicks to get them. But Durant is still coming from injury on Achilles' duty to keep him out every season, and the Nets won't be able to win anyone this year. They have a lot of depth and they will even be a handful without Durant.


2018-19: 48-34 (5th; end 4-0 in first round at Boston)

HELLO: Malcolm Brogdon (trade), T.J. Warren (trade), Jeremy Lamb (FA). GOOD TO: Thaddeus Young (FA), Darren Collison (retired).

These Pacers are of a kind like Portland East, a team that is regularly valued and performs during the regular season and is suspected of being wrong. The big difference? The Pacers do not have the same power that drove the Portland to the Western Conference finals. Their closest thing is All-Star Victor Oladipo, and it is likely that he will be out for at least a month coming from the tragic injury he had suffered last season.


2018-19: 42-40 (7th, Toronto finished 4-1 in first round)

HELLO: Al Farouq-Aminu (FA). NO GOOD.

the new Orlando magic, as the ancient Orlando magic. Last season, they made the second half of the push to make their way into the postal season, taking a road game from the champions in the end before spending them. This is what we know about them – they have a lot of protection and flexibility. And if Markelle makes Fultz, Postphioc No. 1 they discussed the last season, wisely, the sixth could be too low.


2018-19: 58-24 (second; NBA champions)

HELLO: Stanley Johnson (FA), Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (FA). PEOPLE: Kawhi Leonard (FA).

The staff have no more balance sheet than the Nominations. Going out? The best player in the NBA was perhaps the best player ever to wear the poultry uniform in Leonard. Coming in? A few young wings have never found a niche in the NBA. The extension of Kyle Lowry would suggest that complete reconstruction is not imminent, as the Revolutionaries want to see if Pascal Siakam can be an All-Star-caliber player.


2018-19: 39-43 (10th)

HELLO: Jimmy Butler (trade), Tyler Herro (draft). GOOD: Hassan Whiteside (trade), Josh Richardson (trade), Dwyane Wade (retired).

The Heat looked in a vacuum cap salary, which was destined for more than that until Butler sent his way to Miami through signed deal and trade. Now there is a clear star to play with some interesting young players (Justice Winslow, Bam Adebayo) and a Goran Dragic activist who is healthy, free from agent. The other trade Heat could make up his sleeves (maybe for Chris Paul) and he could be a companion if they pull it.


2018-19: 41-41 (8th, 4-0 in the first round by Milwaukee)

HELLO: Derrick Rose (FA), Markieff Morris (FA). GOOD: Stanley Johnson (FA).

The argument depends that the Pistons will return to the shows, and possibly rising higher than the eighth, will allow Blake Griffin and the star ahead to stay in court. In particular, it was healthy last season and provided an All-NBA campaign. He must do it again. It is a crucial season in Detroit and decisions need to be made, primarily by Andre Drummond, who is a free agent next summer.


2018-19: 29-53 (11th)

HELLO: DeAAndre Hunter (draft), Reddish Stage (draft), Evan Turner (trade). GOOD: Dewayne Dedmon (FA), Taurean Prince (trade).

There is much to be achieved under Atlanta, one of the best young teams in Eastern Conference. It is hard to believe that Trae Young and John Collins will not return the hawks to play – there is more time. Hunter should be an immediate contributor to a team with good depth despite some holes, particularly in the center.


2018-19: 22-60 (13th)

HELLO: Thaddeus Young (FA), Tomas Satoransky (trade), Coby White (draft). GOOD: Robin Lopez (FA).

The Bull ’movements this summer went on to a great extent, although the Young and Satoransky people quietly entered people around the NBA. Basically they made their biggest move last season, trading for Otto Porter Jr. There is more talent here than in the past, but play pressure seems to be better than probability.


2018-19: 19-63 (14th)

HELLO: Darius Garland (draft), Dylan Windler (draft), Kevin Porter Jr. (draft). NO GOOD.

For teams winning 19 games last season, in fact there are some reasons for optimism here. Collin Sexton, who chose the first round last year, met more than 40% of its beaches last season and 16.7 points on average. The Cavaliers offer three first round pick with great talent. And, they get back Kevin Love, who is healthy (now). They could trade it, but they could build it around it too.


2018-19: 17-65 (15th)

HELLO: R.J. Barrett (draft), Julius Randle (FA), Bobby Portis (FA), Taj Gibson (FA), Marcus Morris (FA), Elfrid Payton (FA). PEOPLE: DeAndre Jordan (FA), Emmanuel Mudiay (FA).

You know that you did not meet fan expectations when you issue an excuse statement for being joking in the free agency. That wasn't even the biggest thing the Knicks did this summer. They signed all free-agent power forward. Instead of Zion Williamson, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, the Knicks will introduce Portis, Gibson, Morris and Randle.


2018-19: 32-50 (11th)

HELLO: Rui Hachimura (draft), Isaiah Thomas (FA), Ish Smith (FA). GOOD: Jeff Green (FA), Trevor Ariza (FA), Tomas Satoransky (FA).

If yes, and if it is great if, the Bradley Guided Beal and that they return back John Wall after Achilles hurt, this prophecy could be wrong. A case feels more likely to be dealt with or it is mostly alone and Wall takes the whole rust. And on May, coming out of the season out, will make it a worse support cast than last season. This could be the start of a complete stop.


2018-19: 39-43 (9th)

HELLO: Terry Rozier (trade), P.J Washington (draft). GOOD: Kemba Walker (trade), Jeremy Lamb (FA).

It was an incredible season for the Hornets, who decided to meet Walker last season and looked at his lock as a lock rather than handle it. And then instead of letting it away, they decided to put Rozier in its place in expensive signing and trading. There is no clear pathway for the Hornets that do not start when they proceed to the bottom.


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