nearly 500 antennas are already installed throughout France

Only a few weeks before the arrival of 5G. While the first compatible packages and smartphones have been announced, operators, led by Orange, are carrying out tests throughout the country to assess the possibilities of the network.

After much debate on the subject, ARCEP, (the regulatory authority for electronic communications, postal services and press distribution), should as of next month allow operators to use 5G frequencies. The latter did not wait for its green light to test their network, since there are nearly 500 branches, 483 precisely, which currently cover French territory.

Paris is the most equipped with 118 branches on its own, closely followed by Marseille (95) and Lille (82), which has also stopped the deployment of the network in its metropolis. The latter share the rest of the network in 7 large cities. On the operator side, it is Orange wins the bid with 353 antennas. Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Free share the remains with 67, 54 and 9 branches, respectively. For the moment, we are still a long way from the 48,500 4G sites across France.

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Antennas to test 5G

A few weeks before the launch, these sites are of capital importance for operators who still need to fine-tune some settings, especially since the government has asked to strengthen controls on this technology.

In Rennes station, tests are carried out by Orange in partnership with SNCF. The objective: to test the possibilities offered by the network, in order to imagine the services which, tomorrow, will be offered to the general public and to businesses. Thus, hundreds of subscribers already benefit from 5G to enable the operator to collect data.

Moreover, the latter is clearly the pioneer of technology in France. In addition to being able to boast of having the largest network on the market, it has already launched its first 5G packages, while specifying that it will be necessary to wait before taking advantage of the entire offer. Free, meanwhile, relies on sales of iPhone 12, compatible with 5G, to catch up. For the time being, there are only about twenty compatible smartphones.

Source : Le Figaro

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