Nearly 5,000 people attend the parade of San Isidro in Talavera


The parade of Fairs and Celebrations of San Isidro de Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) has had the attendance of some 5,000 people in a procession consisting of 25 floats, 16 of the traditional agricultural sectors and 250 horsemen. This has been indicated by the mayor of the city, Jaime Ramos, who thanked all the members of the Brotherhood of San Isidro, "that they turn over year after year" and make Talavera "shine on May 15, taking forward a parade in which around 5,000 people participate ».

Ramos has personalized in the President of the Brotherhood, Enrique Núñez, the immense gratitude "for his involvement with these fairs where Talaveranos respond massively taking to the streets to enjoy the traditional parade," as reported by the City Council in a press release. "It is a very lucid procession where the traditions of the Talavera people are the protagonists, and where tribute is paid to the agricultural Talavera", added the mayor.

Ramos has been convinced of "the continuity" of this parade both for the work of the Brotherhood of San Isidro, and for the new generations "as more and more children are flooding the route."

Our team in the Romeria of San Isidro 🍊🍊💪 # Talavera # TalaveraNaranja Cs Talavera (@Cs_Talavera)

May 15, 2019 Ramos thanks the Brotherhood of San Isidro "that Talavera shines with a parade in which around 5,000 people participate" Ayto Talavera (@TalaveraAyto )

May 15, 2019 Impressive parade of Carrozas in San Isidro in #Talavera de la Reina. Many thanks to Enrique Nuñez President of the Brotherhood and tireless worker in the maintenance of the parties. Many thanks to the women and men for keeping their traditions with their costumes. Carmen Riolobos (@CarmenRiolobos)

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