Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Nearly 7000 Temposünder at the “Blitzmarathon” caught

Directly from the dpa news channel

Potsdam (dpa / bb) – In the so-called lightning marathon, the Brandenburg police caught 6991 Temposünder. This is about as many as in the previous year (7015), the police department announced on Thursday to the Raser control on Wednesday. Nationwide, the police had monitored the speed of motorists at more than 130 checkpoints. In contrast to previous years, the police had not announced the locations of the speed cameras in advance.

A sad leader was a motorist who was flashed in the permanent construction of the A10 motorway at the junction Nuthetal with 157 instead of the allowed 60 km / h. In Lenzen (Prignitz) a racer was caught near a school and a day care center with 61 instead of the allowed 30 km / h. Through Hoppegarten (Märkisch Oderland) raced a 36-year-old with 109 kilometers per hour, although only 50 was allowed. The driver stated to the police that he knew about the “lightning marathon”.

Excessive speed was still the cause of the accident number 1, warned Vice-President of Police Roger Höppner on Thursday. According to police, 148 people died in road traffic in Brandenburg last year – 42 of them in traffic accidents because of excessive speed.

The Brandenburg police was deployed with more than 320 officers and controlled more than 185 000 drivers. Twice as many drivers had been flashed by noon on Wednesday morning, with 1705 cases, as in the same period last year. “Perhaps the intensive media coverage during the day meant that the road users heard about the action and at least on the way home the awareness of traffic rules was strengthened,” said Höppner.

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