Neighbors of Coslada collect signatures against the works of the avenue of Spain


The indignation in the area of ​​the avenue of Spain grows for days, as the neighbors are checking the characteristics of the project that the City Council of Coslada is executing in one of the main axes of communication of the city.

The concern is greater if it fits in the associations of mothers and fathers of the schools Félix Rodríguez of the Source and Menéndez Pidal, since the works designed by the Consistory duplicate the existing bicycle lane in the back part of these educative centers, eliminates parking, It hinders traffic and prevents the children from going down and going up when they do not foresee this situation.

Thus, a collection of signatures against this project has been started, which for the neighbors "wastes the money that the Community of Madrid has contributed to Coslada based on the Regional Investment Plan". They already have several hundred people who have wanted to transfer their discomfort in this way.

Neighbors and parents request that the bike lane programmed by its previous location be derived, and take advantage of the widening of pavements that the City Council has designed to have parking in battery, instead of online, which would greatly expand the availability of «Scarcely good» in Coslada.

In addition, they request to take into account the times of departure and entry to schools, to facilitate that families can leave children in these schools, with a fast and exclusive parking area for that purpose, given that for reasons of family and work conciliation, often it is essential to go with private vehicle to these trips.

Thus, they affirm categorically that "the necessary and urgent asphalting that this area required has been transformed into a total remodeling that, as in other cases that this City Council has carried out, eliminates parking, introduces a duplicated bike lane with little use and does not foresee the most basic needs of the users of these schools or of the neighbors of the area ». .


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