Nelly Simón: ‘At Chivas Femenil we build a project that goes beyond the title’

In Chivas Women they think long term rather than immediate satisfaction. The Sports Director of the women’s team Nelly Simón, revealed that in the fold they are aware that the title is the objective tournament after tournament, in Guadalajara they prioritize continuing to lay the foundations to build a solid and winning franchise.

“All the teams dream of being champions and obviously we know the responsibility that there is in that matter, but beyond that we are building a project, putting the pillars of a project that becomes a professional in its entirety. We are training them outside of the court, which is something very important and always goes hand in hand with Chivas, which is a matter of values.

“Afterwards the results will be given and we will be champions when we deserve to be champions and we are on that path. We know that we will find many stones along the way, that we will find things to improve and work on, but we are going there. The result, the trophy and the title will come when they have to come, “he assured in a chat with RECORD.

For the directive of the Flock, the Tapatian institution has eliminated the differences in treatment between the male and female ensembles, for which he stressed that for the success of the project it is essential to have the most qualified people.

“Speaking from the trench of ChivasToday, the players have the same treatment, the same tools that they have, they travel by plane, they stay in First Division hotels, they are supervised by the same nutritionists, they are eating in the dining room here, all together.

The sports director of the Flock with some players

“They are little things, pieces that are making a difference for them, understanding that a lot is missing, of course a lot is missing. We have our own facilities here in San Rafael, we have psychologists. In the end there is equity, headed by our president Amaury Vergara and it is very clear and this is how we are working.

Then, the tools, talking about the values ​​issue, being very close to them, listening to them, listening to their needs, knowing how they feel, making them grow as women is the way in which Chivas, somehow, he is doing his bit. Understanding that it is a generation that is opening the gap and that perhaps the generations that come 10 years later, are the ones that are going to start harvesting other kinds of things. Let’s go on that line “, he finished Nelly Simón.



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