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Nencho Balabanov is happier than ever with his new partner

They say that love usually has a habit of coming when a younger person expects it – at a time when someone has lost faith that someone will ever meet him. And just when he is firmly convinced that he is finally finished with his search, ready to rearrange his priorities, fate suddenly decides to intervene, putting in his way someone who embodies all his desires to turn his world upside down, change his mind. As is the case with Nencho Balabanov, who until a few months ago claimed to have focused entirely on his professional life, leaving his personal one in the background. But the stars seemed to accept his words as a challenge for them, showing him that their plans were completely different from his, introducing him to his current partner of tomorrow.

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Recently, the actor explained in “Nikolaos Citiridis Show” more information about what happened. During his visit there, he said that last December, shortly before he met face to face with Catherine for the first time, he gave an interview in which he stated that he had never found his great love. That’s why he has devoted himself entirely to his career, hard work. In addition, in her media appearance at the time, she also said that she does not enter into her reckless relationship, going through its various stages at a rapid pace, as she was very careful. Yes, however, hours later, as a real Christmas miracle, she met her current partner, who was 13 years younger than her.

It was as if the Lord had heard me, saying, “Isn’t this great love? Isn’t it tomorrow? Pig!“, said best imitator Boyko Borissov with a laugh.

A number of local media reported that since then the two have been inseparable, enjoying their time together, and according to some relationships are so serious that they have already lived under one roof. Whether this is the case, however, is still unknown. The fact is that the feelings of the former participant in the show “Like two drops of water” of Catherine are strong. This is evident in her posts on social networks, where she often uploads photos to share. Two weeks ago, he congratulated her on her 29th birthday and wrote, “Happy birthday, love! Always beautiful, smile and inspire! I love you!”

His burning is known to have come from Lovech, but he has lived in Sofia for a long time, where he actually completed his higher education at the University of National and World Economy. Several articles appear that she is an independent woman who works as a sales consultant for one of the largest car companies, whose clients are corporations, members of international organizations and diplomats.

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