Nestlé to rename its “Negrita” biscuit sold in Chile | CNEWS

Wishing to modernize the image of its brand, the Nestlé company decided to change the name of one of its products which was controversial for its racist and colonialist character.

Marketed in Chile for 60 years, the cake called “Negrita”, meaning “little black” in Spanish, will change its name in October for a less divisive title.

“As part of a global process of reviewing its portfolio of more than 2,000 brands and 25,000 products, Nestlé has decided to change its emblematic brand from Negrita to Chokita”, explained the Swiss multinational in a press release published Wednesday, July 21.

This new name “refers to its inimitable chocolate flavor, added to the diminutive which, in Chile, reflects what we treat with affection”, detailed one of the leaders of the global agri-food industry.

The name change of this chocolate-coated vanilla cookie comes after “an evaluation carried out by the company aimed at identifying concepts that could be considered inappropriate”.

During the first years of its marketing by the Swiss brand Hucke, a black woman’s face appeared on the product packaging.

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