Netflix: German series breaks streaming record

The series produced by Gaumont Germany about the Hermannsschlacht (or Varusschlacht) in the year 9 AD is not only running successfully in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also in many other countries, as Netflix said.

The first season of the series with six episodes of around 45 minutes in length has been available since October 23. It was filmed in Budapest between August and November 2019. Laurence Rupp as Arminius / Hermann, Jeanne Goursaud as Thusnelda and David Schütter as Folkwin Wolfspeer play the main roles. Gaetano Aronica plays the Roman general Varus. Actors such as Bernhard Schütz, Ronald Zehrfeld, Nikolai Kinski and Sophie Rois can be seen in other roles.

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