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Netflix has to adjust ‘Stranger Things’

Musicians recognize a continuity error and must fix one thing.

Matt and Ross Duffer, the main men behind Stranger things, revealed that they can retroactively fix a continuity error with Will’s birthday. There was an error in the first series of episodes of season four.

Part of the scheme took place March 22nd. But in an episode of the second season, Joyce, Winona Ryder’s character, indicates that March 22 is Will’s birthday.

None of the characters have been named in the new season. The Duffers have been asked about it in recent weeks and admit it is a continuity mistake.

Text from March 22 to May 22

As a result, Matt Duffer told Variety that they are considering returning to the studio and adjusting Joyce’s second sentence to the May 22 season:

“May enters Winona’s mouth … It’s very sad, but it doesn’t impact the story in any way. But we talked about it yesterday, and I think we’re going to go to George Lucas. “

George Lucas, of course, is known for shooting many scenes in the original Star Warstrilogy changed numerically in the years following its first release.

The comments come before the second volume of the series, which arrives on the streamer next Friday.

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