Netflix hit ‘Extraction’ gets multiple sequels

Extraction gets a series of new sequels. That promises protagonist Chris Hemsworth in a message he posted on his Instagram account.

The announcement was made by Hemsworth during his acceptance speech at the E! People’s Choice Awards, where he won the Action Movie Star of 2020 award. “I want to say a huge thank you to the People’s Choice Award, it’s really great. You are fantastic, and thanks to everyone who voted, everyone who cooperated, all the fans and their support for this movie, as well as everyone who watched the movie. “

Not over
“We wanted to make a movie that was different, unique, exciting, full of action, but also a movie that pushed boundaries. And I think we achieved that, but also that without you it really wouldn’t have been possible. owed to you. It was without a doubt one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had on set and we’re going to try to make some more for you, “ Hemsworth promised.

That would be nice, because in the action movie we follow Hemsworth as mercenary Tyler Rake. He has nothing to lose and a long, violent career. He has a chance of recovery when the kidnapped son of a jailed international crime boss needs help.

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