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Netflix: how to avoid geographic filters to access a greater variety of movies and series

In these days of quarantine You may have used more than usual several streaming services such as Netflix. But as the days go by you will surely see that you want more variety, new titles to explore.

There is a way to access broader content and it is using a VPN. But let’s go. On the one hand, it must be understood that many streaming platform They have content filtered by country or region (depending on the case), so if you access from Argentina or Mexico, for example, you do not see the same content that someone who enters from Spain or the United States sees. Each country has its content.

To be able to access without restrictions a broader catalog and skip that content filtering you can iInstall a VPN, which stands for “Private Virtual Network”. As its name implies, the VPN establishes a channel or tunnel where the information travels encrypted, from point to point, from the device to the server.

This means that all the intermediate nodes that participate in the communication will interact with the information packet, but only at the end of that trip will the information be deciphered.

In this sense, the VPN allows you to connect with greater security, obtain relative anonymity in the network and bypass the geographical blocks that prevent the user from accessing certain content according to their location.

Next, what to consider to install a VPN, as explained to Infobae Camilo Gutiérrez Amaya, head of Eset’s research laboratory.

Two issues need to be considered:

1. A provider of the VPN service such as Express VPN, Nord VPN, among many others.

2. Create the connection, which in the case of cell phones is done with the app that is downloaded directly to the mobile, tablet or computer. But in the case of Chromecast (for those without Smart TV) and smart TVs, you can, for example, choose to use a PC with a VPN service and then install a browser plug-in that allows screen sharing with the Chromecast or Smart TV. In the case of Chrome, just click on the three points in the upper margin and choose the “send” option.

Another option is to download the app to the cell phone and use the smartphone as a hotspot. In this case, a Wi-Fi connection will be generated from the Smart TV to the cell phone and the internet will be generated by the cell phone’s VPN. Of course: this will generate a large consumption of data on the mobile.

The other alternative is to do the configuration on the router side and in that case it will be necessary to see if the router that is installed in the home allows this option.

Usually those that Internet providers usually deliver to users do not have these management features enabled. But in case you have that tool then you will have to follow the tutorial that indicates the VPN that has been installed.

In case you do not have the router configuration option enabled, then you can use a plug and play VPN router such as Shellfire Box, which is a small device that connects to the router network and is configured very easily .

Here is a list of some VPNs that can be installed on the device:

Allows you to connect to more than 3,000 VPN servers in 160 locations and in 94 countries. It stands out in the description of the product that offers “unlimited speed and bandwidth”.

Allows you to connect to more than 5,000 servers in 60 countries. In addition to offering encryption of information, it also blocks access to malicious sites.

It has a network of more than 6,000 servers in 90 countries. Offers 24/7 customer service

ZenMate VPN uses AES-256 military grade encryption. The system automatically connects to the fastest VPN server available based on the user’s location

It has military grade encryption, split tunneling, and works with more than 2,000 servers distributed in more than 180 locations.

6. Private Internet Access

The network covers more than 50 locations in 32 countries, with P2P supported on all servers. It also offers 24/7 support, like most platforms in this segment.


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