Netflix plans to expand its services to the world of video games

The American streaming giant and one of the most popular platforms, Netflix, plans to expand its catalog of services to the world of video games, as stated by the Bloomberg agency.

The company dedicated to subscription entertainment began streaming operations outside the United States in 2011 with its catalog in Latin America and the Caribbean, it has about 208 million customers around the world, as reported in April, and is openly competing with other companies for the conquest of such important markets as the eastern one.

With the intention of venturing into video games, he has decided to hire the services of an expert man, Mike Verdu, former executive of Electronic Arts, one of the main producers and developers of games for computers and consoles, this man also worked for Facebook developing content for virtual reality viewers Oculus.

With the announcement of the news, Netflix shares increased in value by 2.1% to reach an individual value of 559 dollars, already before, the actions had reached an increase of 1.3% this year.

During the pandemic, companies destined to offer streaming services have reported an increase in the demand for their services and competition is open in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, where other strong competitors appear, such as Amazon, Apple tv, Disney + and now HBO Max. Netflix announced that in the first half of 2021 it achieved 4 million new subscribers.

This announcement will make Netflix the first online entertainment company to offer video game services, a matter that it intends to launch in 2022.

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The world of video games does not move on an easy terrain and experts suggest to be careful, because some companies have taken risks and have failed in the idea that they work in real time, Google announced that it had finished a video game two years after having launched its video game platform called Stadia.

Amazon also jumped into the water with “Crucible”, a free game in the style “Fortnite”, whose results are nothing like what they had budgeted for, in the same way their platform Streaming Luna it has not enjoyed much acceptance either.

Critics hope that video games may represent the great novelty for Netflix, because other companies have this, although detached from streaming, is the case of Universal or Disney with their dolls and tickets to theme parks.

The arrival of the video game expert is a great success from which it is hoped to get the most out of it and keep the company as the most recognized in the world of streaming.


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