Netflix: Why should you see yes or yes “El Robo del Siglo”, the new Colombian series?

Days after having premiered on the platform of Netflix, the Colombian series “The theft of the century“It is causing people to talk and the reactions have been positive to the new proposal that is led by Andres Parra, the same actor who played Sergio Jadue in “President“.

Why is this production directed by Pablo Gonzalez and Camilo Salazar should be on your visualizations list? First, because the series is based on real events and that always gives a plus. The second, because the story is simply spectacular when it narrates what happened in 1994 by a group of thieves who carried out a robbery of another planet.

The House of Paper?

In a tone of similarities with The Paper House -and with nothing to envy him-, the Colombian production tells the odyssey of a group of perpetrators that took neither more nor less than 24 billion Colombian pesos since the Bank of the Republic (in Chilean pesos something like 6 billion).

The series, which has a powerful cast, does not focus on the robbery itself, but on everything that came after, because the plot, whose good additional ingredient is the interpersonal relationships between the members of the band, is told how it is He was able to transport so much money by land, considering the presence of the guerrillas, drug traffickers, thieves, police and the Army.

A good dose of drama, suspense and action that would not hurt for those who are still waiting for the new season of La Casa de Papel.

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