Netrebko in a tunic dress and barefoot appeared on the terrace of her house in Vienna

The opera diva has already said that her heart belongs to this Austrian city.

Anna Netrebko (Photo:

In his regular column for one of the publications of the socialite chronicle, the presenter of the program “Fashionable Sentence” on Channel One, Alexander Vasilyev, specified that the opera diva herself was from Krasnodar. The fashion historian has no doubt that Cossack blood flows in the lover of the Azerbaijani tenor Yusif Eyvazov. So, co-host Evelina Khromtchenko noticed that 48-year-old Anna Netrebko can boast not only a deep beautiful timbre, but also very attractive external data. Speaking about the figure of the singer, the art historian assured that she absolutely does not need to lose weight. By the way, Anna herself also said that for many years she has been in the same weight. The celebrity is not going to follow the fashion line and exhaust himself with strict diets for the sake of far-fetched beauty ideals.

Opera diva Anna Netrebko
Anna Netrebko in an oriental-style tunic dress posed on the terrace of her house in Vienna (Photo:

As already wrote, Anna Netrebko did not waste time on home isolation. Beloved Azerbaijani tenor made repairs on the terrace, painting the walls and updating the decor. Now the opera diva can rest on the renovated site, where garden chairs and fresh bush flowers appeared.

In Stories, the opera singer shared the reporting photo, posing on the terrace of her house in Vienna. In front of the camera lens, Anna appeared in a tunic dress and barefoot, preferring oriental styling. Netrebko made it clear that she was satisfied with the repair. Beloved Yusif Eyvazova personally painted the walls and selected suitable shades, acting as a designer.


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