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In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics that just ended in August this year, Taiwanese athletes won 12 medals of 2 golds, 4 silvers and 6 bronzes. Not only did they write down the best competition results in history, they also won medals in 10 different events, which surprised all walks of life. In recent years, health awareness has risen, and more and more people will exercise spontaneously after get off work. Various phenomena show that Taiwan’s sports culture has gradually matured, and sports technology is the invisible driving force behind it.

The Ministry of Science and Technology is committed to promoting industry-academic cooperation, combining sports science, smart technology and data analysis, assisting players in precise practice, and improving performance in the most efficient way, so that sports training is no longer a local steelmaking. The application of sports technology can also help ordinary people to exercise smarter and healthier in their daily lives. Due to the huge business opportunities, sports technology has long become a new type of competition field actively deployed by various countries in sports competitions and industrial development. Let’s take a look at what changes it has brought to Taiwan’s sports!

Use technology to help athletes understand their own state and strive for progress steadily

Luo Jialing, a 19-year-old Taekwondo player, defeated many national players in the first Olympic Games and won the bronze medal in one fell swoop. Growing up in the gymnasium, kindergarten practiced taekwondo with his father and brother, elementary school began to make a splash in domestic competitions, and won gold medals after participating in youth international competitions for the first time in the second grade. However, she was the firstborn, but she finally got on the stage of the Olympics.

“It was true that I had an advantage in height when I was a child, but when I first transferred to the adult group, I was full of frustration.” With the brilliant results of adolescence, Luo Jialing joined the Taekwondo national team at a high level and was recruited to the National Sports Training Center (hereinafter referred to as the National Sports Training Center). Training Center) received national training, “They are all senior sisters from the university. The training intensity is very high. When I first entered, I was very uncomfortable. At that time, the competition results were not satisfactory. I would call my mother to cry at night.”

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Luo Jialing shared that the training method of the National Training Center is very systematic. In addition to the complete training equipment, the athletes’ sports performance will also be evaluated through scientific instruments. Biochemical testing equipment is also used regularly to test fatigue and blood oxygen levels at least once a month. Maintain the health of the players.

“Sports technology can help me understand my current state and where I need to be strengthened.” Luo Jialing said that the daily routine of a player is to keep practicing and adjusting to a good state. Through data analysis, I can clearly know my strengths and weaknesses. “Like I need to be strengthened. Muscle strength, so that the training has a direction, and the progress will be more stable.”

Did not give up taekwondo due to setbacks, Luo Jialing continued to improve herself in the National Training Center, coupled with the slow adjustment of her mentality, she gradually adapted to the high-intensity training, but also recovered the original intention of enjoying the game.

In fact, Taiwan has not won a medal in Taekwondo since the 2012 London Olympics. Luo Jialing also admitted that he felt a lot of pressure. “I cried when I qualified for the Olympics, but I am not a player who is expected to win a medal. I just want to say relax and play.” I didn’t expect to let go of gains and losses, but instead helped me win the bronze medal.

Wang Xiangxing, Associate Professor of the Department of Assault Sports Technology, National Sports University, shared that the detection of taekwondo players mainly includes three aspects, including the use of “linear displacement detector” to detect the explosive power and stability of the player’s 3 consecutive jumps, and to evaluate the strength of the attack on the field. Output rate; and the 50-millisecond rate of force development (RFD) detected by the “force plate” to observe the player’s strength performance at the moment of kicking off the ground and hitting the opponent; there is also an “inertial sensor” It is used to test the reaction ability and speed of the players.

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Photo Credit: Wang Xiangxing

“The current training method is much different from before. The way of scoring is different. The coach’s concept also needs to be adjusted.” With the aid of technology, it can accurately master the progress of the exercise, avoid overtraining and reduce sports injuries, which is a more efficient training method.

Photo Credit: Sports Vision

Wang Xiangxing also said that it is not easy to cultivate an excellent player. In recent years, I have been bringing sports technology into the country and high school. I hope that young players can be exposed to the professional training concept of sports technology as soon as possible, so as to prevent players from being affected in their early career. Severe sports injuries leave regrets, and the future will be able to take it to the next level.

Cross-industry integration, allowing sports technology to penetrate into the healthy life of the whole people

At present, 5G has officially entered commercialization, the housing economy is in the lead, and the application of sports technology has more possibilities. “Taiwan’s science and technology industry has strong R&D energy, and the sports industry is also very internationally competitive. I think it should be able to combine the strengths of the two to solve many problems, such as home fitness without guidance, how can we not get hurt.” National Taiwan Normal University Said Kokomoto, the research chair professor of the University Sports Sports Department.

Ai Ziyuan majored in biomechanics and was known as the godfather of Taiwan’s sports technology. He also served as the general convener of the sports science team of the National Training Center. He has been involved in the research on the integration of sports technology and industry very early. As one of the executive teams of the Ministry of Science and Technology’s “Precision Sports Science Research Project”, the team has developed the application of pressure sensing technology to smart shoes, technical sports socks, Functional clothing, bicycle power meters and other products.

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Ai Ziyuan believes that sports technology products have great potential in the Asian market. At present, Taiwan is mainly developed in three areas: competitive sports, such as taekwondo, weightlifting, and archery; professional sports, such as baseball and basketball; and national sports, such as cycling, jogging, etc. . For example, the LPS (Local Positioning System) is used in the training of team sports, allowing coaches and players to clearly understand the running position, replacing traditional handwritten tactics. Currently, the NBA and FIFA’s The team also uses this technique.

Photo Credit: Xiang Ziyuan

Taiwanese athletes are worthy of praise in the East Olympics. Xiang Ziyuan expects that future sports technology can help more athletes to exercise accurately and achieve better performance, looking at the 2024 Paris Olympics, and helping more people develop the habit of regular exercise. Next, the “Taiwan Sports x Technology Industry Strategy (SRB) Conference” hosted by the Executive Yuan will also be launched soon, hoping to deepen the dialogue and exchanges between sports and the technology industry, so that sports technology can penetrate into the lives of the whole people.

The SRB strategy meeting tentatively proposes 4 major topics:

  1. Sports × Technology Industry Upgrade Creates New Value
  2. Innovative services for smart education and entertainment to establish a new operating model
  3. Integrate scientific research results and innovative technology to develop new applications of wisdom
  4. Taiwan’s smart education and entertainment cross-domain environment preparation

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