Network meeting of the action committees for safe education discusses a Europe-wide school strike

“Do not open schools and daycare centers before the pandemic is under control!” – this is what the network of action committees for safe education demands Resolutionthat an online meeting on Monday evening unanimously approved.

Gregor Link from the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (IYSSE) presented the resolution at the meeting. In his introduction he described the “war-like conditions” of the corona pandemic in several European countries, in which the coronavirus mutation B.1.1.7 is spreading rapidly. He named the horrific numbers of corona deaths in Germany and emphasized that 20,000 Covid patients have died since the beginning of 2021 alone: ​​”These people have not simply fallen victim to a medical phenomenon: a policy that puts human lives above profits killed them. “

Federal and state politicians of all stripes downgraded schools and daycare centers to custody facilities in order to keep the businesses open. “Mere appeals to these politicians are pointless,” he concluded. The demand for a comprehensive lockdown can only be enforced “if students, teachers, educators and parents take their safety into their own hands.” The action committees must bring their resistance together with that of workers in the factories who are in the pandemic of mass layoffs and wage cuts are threatened. What is needed is a “frontal attack on the capitalist system”, which was “unmasked in the eyes of billions of people” during the pandemic.

The international character of this struggle was made clear by the contribution of Genevieve Leigh, the IYSSE chairman in the USA. Leigh, speaking on behalf of the American Socialist Equality Party, stressed that students, teachers, educators, parents and workers in the United States face the same problems. “In the struggle to save lives, colleges, universities and secondary schools are becoming central battlefields.” In contrast, the university administrations, unions and Republicans and Democrats are “on the other side”.

The new US President Joe Biden is also a representative of the ruling oligarchy, Leigh emphasized. His government has committed itself to opening the educational institutions by the spring. “The Democrats are continuing Trump’s grueling, business-friendly policies in the pandemic.”

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Leigh explained the connection between the fascist coup attempt on January 6, the corona pandemic and the rapidly growing social inequality. It is a “political fact that the fascists’ most important demand for the lifting of all restrictions on economic life.” Joe Biden invokes “unity” with the same Republicans and right-wing Trump supporters. “The framework of official politics is not moving to the left, but further to the right.”


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