Never before has the maximum temperature been above 10 degrees for so long NOW

The temperature has risen above 10 degrees in De Bilt for 229 days in a row. Since the measurements began, the maximum temperature has never remained in double digits for as long as this year. From April 1, the maximum temperature has not been below 10 degrees, Weeronline reports Sunday.

The previous record was set in 2011. Then the maximum temperature from March 27 to November 9 continuously entered the double digits.

A series of 200 days or more with maximum temperatures of 10 degrees or higher in De Bilt has so far only occurred in 16 of the 120 years that the temperatures are measured. It is striking that of those sixteen years, ten fall in this century and only six in the entire twentieth century.

The fact that such long series with mild days occur more often can be fully attributed to climate change, according to Weeronline. Due to the warming climate, the temperature is higher than before and temperatures of 10 degrees or more have become much less rare.

Also a record long period without moderate frost in De Bilt

The higher temperatures can also be seen in the number of freezing days in De Bilt. On Saturday, the number of days on which no moderate frost (-5 degrees) was measured in De Bilt was 663: a record-long period.

The last time it was moderately freezing at the measuring station was on January 21, 2019, when it cooled down to -8.1 degrees.

The previous record held for 662 days and ran from April 1, 2013 to January 22, 2015. In the winter of 2014, the lowest temperature at the main station was -3.1 degrees.

The lowest temperature in 2020 so far is -4.3 degrees and was measured on March 25. It is unique if the coming year also passes without moderate frost. Since the measurements started, it has never happened that the temperature has not dropped below -5 degrees for two years in a row.


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