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New 20: Depp had a relationship with his lawyer Camille

Camille Vazquez, Johnny Depp’s attorney in the case against Amber Heard, who was tried in Fairfax, Virginia, came under the spotlight as the actor’s new thrill, reports the “Daily Mirror”. They say they have a secret romance. From the pictures in the room it can be seen that they do not miss an opportunity to touch, embrace, allegedly as a team, but some shots show that they are overwhelmed with happiness while embracing him.

Vazquez declined to comment on speculation that he was dating his client when he left court Tuesday.

A day after arguing and examining the actor’s ex-wife, Amber Heard, reporters asked Vazquez about rumors on the Internet that he and Mr. Depp had begun a romantic relationship. “People want to know if you’re dating Johnny Depp?” They heard him ask in a video they received from TMZ.

Neither Mr. Depp nor Ms. Vazquez admit such a thing, and sources close to the star say the rumors are unfounded.

One insider commented that the entire legal team had become close to Depp – their relationship had turned from just professional to friendly, and Vazquez had not met with the Hollywood actor.

Vazquez finds Depp funny, but it’s not free, and he meets a British real estate worker. He graduated in law from the University of Southern California.

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Sister Amber Heard, meanwhile, told the court Wednesday that she witnessed Johnny Depp threatening one of his ex-wife’s dogs during an argument.

Whitney Henriques, 34, testified while living in Fairfax County, Virginia, when she said that the 58-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean actor hanged his animal once in a car window and was on while traveling.

“I was frozen. I was scared because I knew how to drink and the dog was very small,” he said.

Then he remembers how the actor put the animal back in the car and laughed.

A friend of Depp and Hurd, Tilet Wright said under oath that at their wedding Johnny said: “We’re married – now I can punch her in the face and nobody can do anything about it.” Depp confessed to Tilet that he loved Amber so much at the beginning of their relationship that he felt crazy.

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