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new arm Covid side effect

This side effect is mild and lasts for a few days.

Recent research conducted in USA has detected a new secondary effect from vaccine against him coronavirus Covid-19 from Modern. It is called ‘Covid arm‘and is characterized by erythema, itching, induration, and tenderness. It is a “delayed” skin reaction as it appears a week after the first puncture. Although it tends to disappear after a few days, experts recommend going to the doctor in the event that it continues in time.

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The study, published on the platform Jama Network, reflects that the ‘Covid arm’ is not associated with serious side effects from the vaccine, as is the anaphylaxis, so the scientists explain that it is not a contraindication to inject the second dose of Moderna.

The research involved 16 patients with skin reactions llocalized in the arm detected between January 20 and February 12, 2021. Late localized skin reactions developed in an average of seven days after receiving the Modern Covid-19 vaccine. These reactions occurred on or near the injection site and were described as pitchy, painful, and edematous pinkish lacquers. None of the participants had received the Pfizer.

The ‘Covid arm’ is mild and disappears after a few days

The results of a skin biopsy sample demonstrated a mild predominantly perivascular mixed infiltrate with lymphocytes and eosinophils, consistent with a reaction of dermal hypersensitivity. Of the participants who had a reaction to the first dose of the vaccine (15 of 16 patients), the majority (11 patients) developed a similar localized reaction at the injection site to the second dose of the vaccine.

In this case series, the scientists characterized late localized reactions at the injection site to the Moderna vaccine, and named them the ‘Covid arm’, although they suggest renaming it to “Covid vaccine arm“These skin reactions occur near the injection site and are benign and self-limited. These reactions appear a median of seven days after the first dose of vaccine and two days after the second dose.

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