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New clashes on the Turkish-Belgian border between migrants and police

The clashes have returned this Wednesday to the turkish border, after yesterday the day was quieter, causing at least a dead among migrants, as reported by the Turkish authorities, although Greece has denied it.

The tension has begun when a group of migrants has tried force entry in Greek territory by the border crossing of Pazarkule-Kastaniés, to what the Greek security forces have used tear gas.

The deceased would have received an impact on the chest when the Greek military guarding the border fired tear gas canisters, plastic bullets and royal ammunition, injuring five other people, the Turkish city government office said in a statement Edirne

An important source of the Greek Army has denied what it has described as “completely false news on the Turkish side.” Speaking to reporters, the Greek government spokesman, Stelios Petsas, has also denied Ankara’s accusations: “Turkey is spreading false news. I categorically dismiss it,” has abounded.

According to the Greek public broadcaster ERT, along the border fence there were several hundred people whom the police advised with messages through speakers that they would not be allowed to enter their country. Shots and shouts of the dividing line have been heard in the Turkish part of the border, where some have been directed ambulances.

War of figures

The Turkish Ministry of Interior has assured Wednesday that a total of 135,844 migrants They have left the country to Greece since last Friday the Turkish government announced that it could not and would not try to prevent them from crossing into the European Union, a figure that seems exaggerated in contrast to Greek data.

The Greek government said yesterday that 24,000 people They had tried unsuccessfully to enter the country illegally.

A total of 183 people have been arrested In recent days trying to enter Greece, and an unspecified number have been sentenced to four years in prison and a fine of 10,000 euros.

Greece has suspended the processing of asylum requests, arguing that since these are mass arrivals and not individual entries, it does not imply a violation of international treaties.

Turkey announced Friday that it was leaving migrants free of charge after about thirty of its soldiers were killed in a bombing of Syrian forces in Idlib, the last stronghold where Islamist militias, supported by Ankara, resist the Bachar al Asad regime, backed by Russia.

In this way Ankara hopes to pressure the EU to provide more money to serve the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees living in Turkey, in some cases for years, and to support their military campaign in Syria.


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