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new creatures spotted in files

Dataminers have just identified several impressive creatures that could appear in the coming weeks.

[Mise à jour le 11 mars 2020 à 16h10] The fourth season of Apex Legends is in full swing. The last patch was massive. It introduced in particular a lot of new content and functionalities, but also various information hidden in the game files. Several dataminers, including Biast12, became interested in it, and discovered skins, a new potential event and especially half-alien, half-dog creatures. These monsters are called “prowlers”, but for the moment, we still don’t know what they will be used for. It is likely to imagine that they will drop loot when the player shoots them. Also, they may have their origins in Titanfall. It would not be the first time that EA has made this kind of addition, since the universe is shared.

Biast12 even offers a video with some of the animations that the creatures are supposed to have. What is interesting is to see that combat or death animations seem to appear in the game files. The PVE (combat against monster) therefore seems to include these ferocious beasts in addition to the battle royale, and soon.

March “System Hacking” event unveiled

For two weeks, from March 3 to 17, 2020, Apex Legends players will have the opportunity to participate in a limited-time event. “System Hacking” is a “Fixed Loot” mode, that is, all of the loot will appear in the same place on the map, every game. The location of the ring will change every 24 hours. During the first week, hostilities take place on the map on Bord du Monde. The second, it will take place in the first card of the game, the Canyon of the Kings.

This event also allows players to get the new scalable shield in the arena, and a wide range of cosmetic items. The former shows himself capable of evolving as the battle progresses, gaining power as the Legends inflict damage on enemies. In total, a set of 24 themed aesthetic elements is available, for a limited time. Several skins, some of which are classified as epic, can be found in the game. They can be unlocked with event Apex packs or with raw materials. The most determined, who will get their hands on all the aesthetic elements will get a “Heritage” set for Octane, for free.

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Two new Legends

Who says new season says new content. The developers have not deviated from the rule and two new Legends have appeared. The first is Revenant. He is a dark figure, formerly human and who presented himself as a hired killer in the service of the Mercenary Syndicate. After being betrayed, he is resurrected by Hammond Robotics, which gives him this singular form. The second legend, which arrived on February 4, is Forge. This is the twelfth playable character in the title. He comes in the form of a massive hero, confident and humble, who can lean on a bionic arm. He is an expert in close combat.

New battle pass

Like every new season, a new Battle Pass containing around a hundred rewards is available to players. The paid version costs 950 Apex coins (9.99 €) and unsurprisingly offers a hundred steps to cross. There are legendary skins, music packs, experience bonuses and even emotes. Remember that the game is free (free-to-play), and that the purchases you can make (including the combat pass) are purely cosmetic.

Changes on the map

Unlike Season 3, EA has not decided to change the map completely. The players take advantage here of some changes, which update the map. The editor explains that the reason for this choice is that the objective is to push the players to “make new decisions”. Capitol City is now divided into two parts, with a huge machine within it. The area has changed, becoming a much darker place. A red beam is visible from anywhere in the map, and indicates the location of the planetary extractor that Hammond Robotics uses to collect precious metals, directly from the heart of the planet. A new point of interest has been created in the snowy fields, not far from Skyhook. It is a camp intended to unload the capital. Racks of weapons are notably placed there, which makes the area particularly interesting.

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A new new weapon, the Sentinel

It is a new sniper rifle that offers a new approach. By its category, its use implies to distance oneself, to aim carefully. Unlike other snipers, the Sentinel has bullets that drop much less quickly. Also, the weapon is particularly useful against tanks and shields. It is possible to use shield batteries in order to charge the shots, and to double their damage (100 instead of 50 for a bullet in a body).

Some changes on ammunition and items

Sniper ammunition was shared with that of machine guns and submachine guns, which posed a number of problems. This category of weapon now benefits from its own range of ammunition. The downside for sniper players is that it causes them to become scarce.

This novelty induces reconsiderations in the category of certain weapons. For example, the G7 Scout is no longer a sniper rifle but an assault rifle. It follows that certain elements which could be attached can no longer be combined. The L-Star weapon is no longer found in airdrops, since the Devotion replaces it.

Unlike the other seasons, the 4 does not cause the arrival of new objects. However, some have simply disappeared. We can cite the Hop-up Turbochargers where the extended mag.

The classified mode is slightly revised

The arrival of the classified games did a lot of good for the game, which needed a real competitive dimension to motivate people to stay and play. But the aftermath of the establishment of these games is hard enough to take for players determined to play and move up the rankings. Indeed, since the update of season 2 is out, cheaters have multiplied in the canyon of kings, with software still as classic, but which easily bypass the most common anti-cheat (for example, a Classic anti-cheat will analyze the firing statistics to determine if a player has automatic aiming, and the new software will intentionally miss a few shots to falsify these statistics.) A real problem that was, however, about to be largely resolved according to developers in May. But it seems that the possibility of having a higher grade than the others, and the renewed popularity of the game has made these nasty players come back en masse. Here is an example captured on the stream of Mendokusaii.

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Season 3 has been a very interesting source of information for the developers of Apex Legends. According to the feedback of the players but also the statistics they could draw from it, they realized that there were too many players at the Apex Predator rank. According to them, this caused some congestion, and lowered the quality of service offered. Season 4 wishes to provide an answer by integrating a new level “Master”. The rank of Apex Predator ultimately only affects the top 500 players on each server, and promises to be very difficult to access.

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