New details on the murder of a jeweler in Vienna-Landstrasse

Witnesses have been interviewed, but so far there has been no useful evidence. So far, the investigators have not been able to find any witnesses to the immediate crime, which is surprising in view of the busy Landstraßer Hauptstrasse and the nearby Wien-Mitte train station. In addition, the police have not yet been able to ensure that any material from surveillance cameras shows the crime or at least the perpetrators escaping.

Witnesses wanted

The jeweler is likely to have dragged himself from inside the business premises towards the entrance. He then collapsed at the door, where he was discovered by passers-by around 4 p.m. and alerted the police and ambulance. The emergency services tried to revive the man with a defibrillator, but help came too late.

The police are now asking passers-by who have observed something to report to the Vienna State Criminal Police Office on 01/31310 / DW33800.

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