New dilemmas of Jerzy Brzęczek – the Polish national team

  • In three October games, the Polish national team won twice and tied once. She scored eight goals and conceded one
  • After the last three matches, Jerzy Brzęczek got a lot of food for thought. Especially the increased competition among central midfielders can be enjoyed
  • – The most beautiful thing is when there is competition in the team, whether in the club or national team. We strive to have two equal players in each position – said Jerzy Brzęczek
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During the tenure of Jerzy Brzęczek, the grouping was not so rich in conclusions, the positive ones. What did the three-match match with Finland, Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina show? That the doublesmen so far have reasons to demand the main roles from the director. That young people do not ask for the usual time to get to know the staff, but immediately challenge the elders. And the national team does not have to play as defensively as in September with the Netherlands, but a well-organized one can stand up to the better, what the Italians felt.

A changed Linetta

They had the last three meetings of a few wins, players who caused Jerzy Brzęczek a headache before the next training camp. There was a crowd in the middle of the field, which we had not suspected before, when we looked towards the staff back room.

A few weeks ago, along with Lech’s good results in the Europa League, the world of Jakub Modera began to change. How much? It is enough to go back a year and a half. He ended the season in 2019 on loan from Lech to Odra Opole, embittered by the lack of appointment to the Polish U-20 team for the world championship. Today he is the hero of the highest transfer from the league, he played three matches in the first team and showed such a good side that we are talking about him in the context of the main team of the Polish team. Moder is 21 years old, and a lot has changed around him at a dizzying pace. Marek Śledź, the former director of the Lech academy, emphasizes that he has had enough time to meet the player that there is no fear that he will change.

The winner of the last matches is also another Lech academy graduate and also a central midfielder, Karol Linetty. He made his debut in the national team in January 2014 (immediately with a goal against Norway), and according to the meter, before the end of the training camp, he collected only 24 matches before the end of the training camp. He went to EURO in 2016, but did not play there even once, he went to the world championship in Russia two years later but also watched the game of his friends from the side. He played in Brzęczek’s national debut in Bologna, but when it came to the game for the EURO 2020 pass, Linetty never appeared on the pitch. He was in the buzzing frame, as if he was not. Until the October games. In them we saw a different Linetti than before: a hit man, managing the second line when it was necessary to help in defense, but also with great willingness to go to the opponents’ goal and most importantly – posing a threat there (the best situation in the match against Italy, a goal from Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Young and old guards

After Sebastian Walukiewicz won a spot in the Cagliari squad, his debut for the national team was only a matter of time. They were already convincing about the scale of his talent in Pogoń Szczecin, when its representatives managed to persuade the teenager to move from Legia. As a 20-year-old, he appeared in the team for the first time. First 45 minutes against the Finns, but the real fire test was to be a match against well-known Italy. And this exam passed very well, the team did not lose a goal. Walukiewicz not only defends well, but also gives the team new opportunities to play from his own goal, if, of course, his players are interested in it and want the ball to remain on the ground.

Kamil Grosicki is also among the players who can bet a plus in this training camp. Already in the first meeting with Finland, he showed that the young may knock on the gates, but the old guard is not going to let go. The three goals scored in one match are impressive. Three goals scored in 29 minutes in one half is a feat that we will highlight in the album about the history of the Polish national team with a red marker.

Grosicki does not play in the WBA (without his performance in the Premier League this season), which did not translate into matches in the national team. Of course, the longer the troublesome situation in the club lasts, the more difficult it will be for him to stay in this form. There are no miracles. The last world championship in Russia performed by the Polish national team showed the form with which the players who were deprived of regular play came. So it is in the interest not only of Grosicki, but also of the national team, that he solve problems in the club as soon as possible. This applies not only to the experienced winger, Arkadiusz Milik is in a much worse position in Napoli. He has not been entered into the tournament at all, he has not trained with the team and is looking forward to the winter transfer window.

A diverse team

Brzęczek is also the winner of this grouping. He introduced new faces to the national team without detriment to its game, indeed, the youth had a significant influence on it. And he increased the competition in the squad. – The most beautiful thing is when there is competition in the team, whether in the club or national team. We strive to have two equal players in each position – said the coach after the last match. And today this is how the team looks like. This makes it less predictable and more diverse. This shows the center of the field where players with very different characteristics compete.

After a point-perfect EURO qualifying, contrasting with complaints about the style of the national team, we saw a different team in eight days. The one for whom the use of high pressing is getting better and better, as the Finns have found out, with the work of the whole team he can break the advantages of the better ones like Italy, or become a siege machine of the opponent’s goal, which we saw in the match with Bosnia and Herzegovina after the red card for the rival until Brzęczek did not decompose the line-up with changes.

But also, to keep your feet on the ground, it must be remembered that Poland in the League of Nations has so far only beaten Bosnia and Herzegovina (twice). She scored a point with the Netherlands and Italy. And it is with them, as well as with Ukraine, that he will close his year in a month. We will see if it has actually made a significant step in its development.

>> Read “Przegląd Sportowy” without leaving home. The mobile version of the newspaper does not differ from the paper version

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