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New electric cars: – Chevrolet tempted with new electric cars

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(Elbil24): GM has chosen to withdraw their years from the European market, and their latest assignment is to sell Opel – being owned – to the French group PSA. This despite great success and massive order consumption of the new electric cars of the time, the Opel Ampera-e.

In retrospect, they stated that they may once again decide to launch cars in the European market, something we really hope for.

However, it will not be until they have a larger portfolio of electric vehicles in their own range. GM has one of the most exciting strategies in the world, and they also have the building blocks needed through their Ultium technology. The brand new Chevrolet Blazer, which will only launch this spring, is a good example of this.

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2024-model and 2023

GM was very hesitant with information about its new model, but we know that they have already confirmed a Chrevrolet Equinox EV, and now the new Chevy Blazer EV. The letter also received launch confirmation in spring 2023, and then as a 2024 model.

As is well known, the Americans came out early with the launch of two models next year. In the worst cases, they even refer to the cars as an annual model for the next year after next year.

As there are no official statements from GM and when they will eventually return to Europe, this will still create opportunities for some dealers to take their cars home on their own, without walking on their own brand organization.

This apparently will be a situation when GM launches its first fully electric pickup, Silverado, something the market is more than ripe for now.

Size and price

Some people will probably think of a big SUV with four-wheel drive when they hear the name Chevrolet Blazer. Four wheels can probably vote, but big votes don’t necessarily matter anymore. Not all historic blazer models were great either.

We do not rule out that the Blazer will be a model that will compete directly with another American, the Tesla Model Y. As is well known, GM has stated that they will be surpassing Tesla in electric car sales soon.

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Then they undeniably need more than blazers on the agenda. The next Equinox EV, which is an even smaller car, will therefore come in handy. This will also be ready for delivery in 2024, and will be a slightly invaded Opel Ampera-e – or Chevrolet Bolt, as it is called in the US.

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Two editions of Lobster

In addition, the aforementioned Bolt has just been renewed, and will remain in the series. Then comes the Silverado pickup and two versions of the Hummer – a pickup and an SUV.

In addition, GM has several brands that will have twin models, similar to the VW Group made with VW ID.4, Skoda Enyaq and Audi Q4 e-tron, all three are built in the same building blocks, but with different designs.

In terms of price, it is estimated that Equinox will start at $ 30,000 for the entry level model. This leaves room to assume that the Blazer will start somewhere around $ 40,000, according to several U.S. media outlets. In addition, the cars are expected to come in four different equipment classes, where the entry level model is LT, followed by RS, Premier and SS.

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