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New emojis: more than 200 new possibilities to change the color of the skin in 2021

EMOJI – As every year, new emojis are appearing on our phones. And this time around, more than 200 new possibilities for changing skin color will be available at the end of this year, announces the Unicode consortium, the organization responsible for designing and developing the emojis.

To represent heterosexual couples like homosexuals, users will have the choice to change the skin color of the characters for more mixed. “Most of the skin colors will be aimed at multi-person emoji groups, couples with hearts and those who kiss each other”, we can read on the organization’s website.

But seven new icons are also being added for 2021, such as a man and a woman with beards, a heart on fire, or even an exhausted character.

It should be noted that their shape will probably change depending on the different media used, if you are on Android or iOS for example. All the new ones are available on their charter.

The emoji, an inclusive language

But this is not the first time that the Unicode consortium has tended to diversify its emojis. Announced by the Unicode Consortium, characters transgender as well as their flag also go see the light at the end of the year.

The “emoji” language is intended to be the most inclusive by representing different communities and by diversifying the choice of skin colors, but also with new characters as they have done by adding women wearing hijab and men and women with a keffiyeh.

The emojis are therefore not addressed to any particular community, but to Humanity.

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