New energy companies start from October 1

With two special acts that They will be held next Tuesday, September 29 in Barranquilla and Cartagena, President Ivan Duque will lead the launch of the companies that will assume the commercialization and distribution of the energy service in the Caribbean Coast: Afinia (Caribe Mar) and Aire (Caribe Sol).

The companies they begin to operate from October 1 in the region, in a fact that marks a new stage in the history of the electricity service of the Coast serving about 10 million people.

Afinia, de Public Companies of Medellín (EPM), will serve the Bolívar, Sucre, Córdoba and Cesar markets with 1.51 million clients.

Air, which is in the hands of Caribbean Energy Consortium (Enerpereira and Latin American Corp), will be in charge of the Atlántico, Magdalena and La Guajira markets with 1.21 million clients.

After the award of the two companies, which was made through an auction process in March this year, the joint began, which for the most part had to develop virtually in the middle of the quarantine.

Although it was thought that due to the pandemic and the impact of the Electricaribe indicators Delays could occur, the new operators, Electricaribe and Superservicios, managed to advance in the last month in such a way that the schedule that had been set was met. This is how this week the contracts will be closed with the signature of the company representatives.

The investment commitments of the two startups in the next 5 years add up to $ 5.7 trillion, of which $ 3.2 billion correspond to the Caribe Mar market and $ 2.6 billion to Caribe Sol.

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Additionally, the 10-year projection is $ 5 trillion for Caribbean Sea and $ 3.7 billion for Caribbean Sun, for a total of $ 8.7 billion.

It should be remembered that Electricaribe will not disappear immediately, as it is in the liquidation process.

It is not the first time the energy market of the Caribbean Coast is served by two companiesSince Electricaribe and Electrocosta operated in the 2000s, but under the control of Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF), today Naturgy, which later joined due to operational issues.


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