New events at Hong Kong Airport


In the aftermath of a rally of thousands of protesters that resulted in the cancellation of flights departing and arriving from Hong Kong International Airport, hundreds of pro-democracy activists found themselves back in this important hub. international, Tuesday 13 August.

Hong Kong airport flights heavily delayed

The passengers' recordings have started again since dawn while several hundred demonstrators joined the terminal of the eighth world airport, for a new mobilization.

High tension at Hong Kong airport where all flights are canceled

The protesters dressed in black, the signature of the pro-democracy movement, clamored "Get up Hong Kong, get up for freedom! " while passengers were hurrying to catch their delayed flights the day before. On Monday, August 12, the airport authority made the rare decision to cancel all its flights after thousands of pro-democracy protesters invaded the arrivals hall.

"A path without return"

On Tuesday, August 13, activists flocked back to the airport just hours after pro-Beijing Hong Kong Executive Carrie Lam warned the protesters.

" The violence will push Hong Kong towards a path without return », she warned, while the city's airport was trying to return to normal operation the day after its unprecedented closure.

In Hong Kong, the demonstration of families and retirees

The former British colony is experiencing its worst political crisis since its handover to China in 1997. Party early June the rejection of a Hong Kong bill that intended to allow extradition to Beijing, the movement has significantly expanded its claims for denounce the decline of freedoms and interference of China in domestic affairs.

The mobilization, more and more marked by clashes between radicals and the police force, constitutes a new challenge for the central government, which said Monday there to detect "Signs of terrorism. "

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