New Exoplanet TOI 179b, Has Unique Characteristics and Hot Temperatures

The new exoplanet TOI 179b is the latest discovery that has surprised astronomers. Besides its enormous size, this planet has quite hot conditions.

This uniqueness became a sign that immediately stole the attention of scientists. If we compare it with the planets we already know, this one celestial object is approaching Jupiter.

Both in terms of size and characteristics. However, there are still very far differences and we can see from the data that is present.

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TOI 179b Discovers New Exoplanet With Unique Features

Research on this planet has been around long enough to find out its characteristics. So when it is shared with the public, this data is very interesting.

From the start of the orbit, this one planet has a time of up to one Earth year and only three days there. This orbit even has a mass 1.5 of the Sun.

Derived from data starting in December 2020 to March 2021. Not only from one researcher who made this measurement. For confirmation there needs to be some follow-up measurements.

The size of this new planet has a ratio of 1:4 from Jupiter which has the largest size of all the planets. While the mass of this planet reaches 70% of the planet Jupiter.

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New Exoplanet Temperature TOI 179b

After knowing the data about these unique characteristics and sizes, then we will provide data from the officially released temperatures.

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They revealed that the temperature contained in this planet reached 1727 Celsius. So that earned him the nickname as Hot Jupiter.

Researchers reveal that with this data, temperatures are usually capable of making iron melt. This data provides astronomers with clues in providing a step for understanding evolution and formation.

Even so, the planet can still expand again. Thus making the density able to have a very low minimum.

Then make it bigger even though its mass is smaller than the famous giant planet Jupiter.

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Who Discovered This Planet?

This planet was discovered by a group from Indian astronomy. They come from the Physical Research Laboratory or PRL, Ahmedabad India whose leader is Prof. Abhijit Chakraborty.

Using the PRL Advanced Radial Velocity Ash Sky Search or PARAS fiber optic spectrograph. Then the follow-up measurements by TCES Spectrograph, Germany with independent photometry, the 43 cm PRL telescope, located Mount Abu.

The name of TOI 179b is also called HD 82139b. His findings with a location that reaches 725 light years.

We can use the new exoplanet TOI 179b as knowledge that there are still possibilities that open research paths. Like the case of a planet larger than Jupiter and with very hot temperatures. (R10/HR-Online)

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