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New features coming to WhatsApp soon

Khabarni – As usual, WhatsApp strives to constantly update the features of its application, and the company is currently working on adding many new features for users of Android, iOS and Web systems.

Here are the most important new features expected for WhatsApp, as reported by The Times of India:

Enable group admins to delete messages
WhatsApp is working on a new chat feature for group admins, where it plans to provide the ability for group admins to delete messages sent by other group members in a future update. WhatsApp group admins will be able to delete anyone’s message without referring to them. This will give users more control over group chats and will enable them to remove inappropriate messages. When an admin deletes a specific message in the group chat, users will see a note that says “This was deleted by the administrator.”

Two-step verification for WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp is said to be planning to bring a new security feature to desktop and web users via a two-step verification process on the web and desktop. Two-step verification is an optional feature that adds more security to your WhatsApp account. The 2-step verification PIN is different from the 6-digit registration code you receive via SMS or phone call. It is required when logging into your WhatsApp account and is primarily intended to prevent unauthorized access.

Reactions to messages
WhatsApp brings reactions to messages, such as those available on Instagram and Facebook Messenger. The feature allows users to reply to messages. Users will just have to tap and hold on the message they want to reply to and then drag their finger to the appropriate emoji. The reaction will appear below the text and will be visible to all members of the group.

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New animated emoji
WhatsApp is working on new emojis for Android and iOS users. Currently, when users send a red heart emoji, they see an animation that looks like the heart is beating, but the animation effect is limited to the red heart emoji only, so WhatsApp is expected to get more Animated emojis in the future.

Group chat feature called Communities
The Communities feature will provide more control to the group admins. The feature is expected to provide the option to create groups within groups. Subsets can be end-to-end encrypted.

Search shortcut in the contact information section
WhatsApp plans to add a new search shortcut to the redesigned Contact Information section. The new search shortcut will be added next to the video call icon. You will also be able to see the new shortcut in the group info section as well. Currently, the search button is located on the main screen of the application. You can search for any message you have sent or received using the feature.

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