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New Hope for Morgan Kane Movie – E24

The dream of a Hollywood movie about all of Norway’s literary cowboys, Morgan Kane, disappeared in a scandalous trial three years ago. Now hope is lit again.

COVER AGAIN: Ryan Wiik, pictured here during one of several trials in 2017, once again entered into an agreement with the licensee of Kjell Hallbing’s literary universe. Hallbing has sold more than 22 million pounds, mostly in the Morgan Kane series.
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Yesterday 13:01

He reported the Norwegian Ryan Wiik on Facebookwhere he is photographed with Kjell Ørnulv Hallbing who manages the book rights after his late father, Kjell Hallbing.

Kjell Ørnulv Hallbing himself confirmed the new collaboration on the website Verse the step.

Morgan Kane’s book series – under the pseudonym Louis Masterson Kjell Hallbing – was one of Norway’s greatest literary successes of the last three decades of the 20th century and has sold over 22 million copies to date.

However, Ryan Wiik’s previous attempt to take the Hollywood box set failed miserably; he founded a company, later Wr Entertainment, with this in mind, but later experienced being fired from his own company, at the same time as he demanded 90 million kronor for a film that was never do.

Wr Entertainment Made bankruptcy i 2019.

Spent over 30 million and seven years trying to make a Hollywood movie by Morgan Kane – watch VG’s documentary on the incredible battle here!

When Wr Entertainment went bankrupt, at the same time his former small shareholder friend from Drøbak lost almost 40 million kronor of investment.

But now Ryan Wiik is back, along with the license of Morgan Kane’s literary universe, Kjell Ørnulv Hallbing, in the company. Actor AG.

The company is based in Switzerland.

– Actor AG acquired the right to, under specific conditions, make a film of the character of Kjell Hallbing. I am referring to the partner of Aktor AG who has so far announced work on the books “Wild”, “Rawlins” and “The Bloody Way of Honor”, confirmed Kjell Ørnulv Hallbing in an email to VG.

All three titles are from Kjell Hallbing’s other literary character galleries, such as Jesse Rawlins and Clay Allison, but the author’s son and right holder don’t respond if the character Morgan Kane himself left in the last deal with Ryan Wiik.

– The terms of the contract are, as usual, confidential, Hallbing writes.

– Ryan Wiik has, contrary to popular belief, very good knowledge of the characters my father created. Actor AG has an approach to visualization I’m comfortable with, and that’s why I entered into a collaboration with Actor AG, Hallbing writes further.

He says that the main focus has always been the publication of books – print, e-books and audio books – something that has been qualitatively very well handled by Cappelen Damm, and that work is being done on international relaunch.

– When it comes to film, I hope that Aktor AG succeeds in making a film or a series of films based on one of my father’s characters. It was my father’s will for this to happen. Previous attempts were unfortunately unsuccessful. The film industry needs good materials. Dad’s universe forms a good foundation for him, and our family looks at this from a longer-term perspective, writes Hallbing.

VG failed to get comments from Ryan Wiik.

Thus, a multi-year story, a turn-savage story – from Drøbak to Hollywood, through spectacular promises of class dividends of hundreds of millions, lawsuits that intrigue sex and a bankrupt entertainment company (Wr Entertainment) – has a new chapter.

The two most central to the controversy, and both were fired from Wr Entertainment in their time – Ryan Wiik and Jim Cardwell – are both central to Wiik’s new company Aktor AG and its associate Kamara Studios. The plan is to distribute movies via the new NFT Motion digital solution (non-fungible sign) that requires crypto currency at the time of purchase.

Despite Hollywood’s decline three years ago, Kjell Ørnulv Hallbing now dares to bet on Ryan Wiik once again.

– “Corporate companies” (which are typical of the film industry) are associated with risk, but it is of course very sad that many lost their investments in the previous project, Wr Entertainment. I also lost, Hallbing claims in his email, while acknowledging that mistakes were made clearly in this process.

– If I only had knowledge through VG’s “video scoop” (VG’s documentary “The Ballad about Morgan Kane,” editor’s note) and some other articles, which I think are often unbalanced, I would also have been biased. negative. Now it is the same case that a case usually has two sides. When there is a conflict between owner and manager, things quickly go wrong. I’m not judging. For me, it’s looking ahead.

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