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Yesterday we presented them to you Patch notes for version 1.6.0 from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo did not tell us about two important things that we would not like to withhold from you.

Among other things, a popular bug, the “Camo-Glitch”, has been fixed. This enabled players to add any texture to objects. The game bug not only made more thorough customization possible, but players were also able to greatly optimize the overall appearance of their islands.

The items that made this exploit possible fetched exorbitant prices. As there was also some real money trading, it was only a matter of time before Nintendo removed the cause of the error. The camo items have returned to normal since the last update:

Normally you have to wait a few days (in real time) until you have activated certain tools, shops or other extras such as terraforming, which is rather negative for impatient people, but luckily you can just turn the clock a little. Time travel have always been a controversial style of play in the Animal Crossing franchise, but were part of it from the start, so no one should be judged for it. While some gamers are excited to see what the future might bring, others believe the time travel mechanic equals the cheat. After all, players can use it to unlock rare items, earn Sternis faster and take part in certain events in the game ahead of time.

The Winter-Update now seems to have made a few minor adjustments to the way time travel works, which is currently causing an uproar among players. Players who jump forward in time will no longer be able to activate certain events (such as the Fall Festival or Toy Day). However, you can jump back to past events after they have officially taken place. There are players who say they do not always have the time to play the game on a certain date, while some even go so far as to claim they have the irrefutable right to travel back in time. Others, on the other hand, are happy that they can no longer be spoiled so easily in advance about future events.

What do you think of Nintendo having more and more events in Animal Crossing: New Horizons blocks for time travel until the corresponding date has been reached?

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