New in Europe: Tinder and Badoo were yesterday – now comes Facebook Dating

At the moment it’s difficult to make new friends or find dates. Facebook wants to make this easier for its users – and is launching Facebook Dating.

This is what the new function looks like in the Facebook app.


  • Starting today, the new dating service Facebook Dating is available in Europe.

  • This is a dating platform that is directly integrated into the existing Facebook app.

  • Interested users can use it to create a dating profile and make new friends.

  • The integrated video call function should make it easier to carry out dates even in the current world situation.

There are now countless dating apps like Tinder or Badoo. Nevertheless, a major player would now like to compete with the existing platforms. Today Facebook is launching the new Facebook Dating service across Europe.

The platform has been around in the US for around a year – and it seems to be working well. According to the Facebook product manager Kate Orseth, 1.5 billion matches have already been formed via Facebook dating. “We are now pleased to be able to bring the product to Europe”, says Orseth.

No swiping

No separate app needs to be installed to use the dating platform. The service will be integrated directly into the existing Facebook app. However, this does not mean that every Facebook user is now automatically registered for Facebook Dating. The user has to activate his dating profile on his own initiative if he wants to. The only requirement is that the user is 18 years or older.

In the dating profile itself, preferences and search criteria can be set individually. A profile is then suggested, which the Facebook algorithm believes, based on one’s own interests and the Facebook profile, could suit you.

In contrast to apps such as Tinder, however, there is no swipe function. In addition, there is no need to wait for a common match to start a conversation with a person. If a certain profile or photo catches your eye, you can leave a comment or like it directly.

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Facebook dating is coming to Europe now.


This should help people find possible matches on Facebook.

This should help people find possible matches on Facebook.


“Secret Crushes” can also be specified from the friends list.


“Secret Swarm”

However, anyone who now fears that all of their Facebook friends will suddenly have access to their own dating profile can be reassured. “We only connect users with profiles outside of their social environment,” explains Orseth. A Facebook friend or Instagram follower is never suggested as a match. You can also choose whether you want friends of friends to see your dating profile or not.

The only exception to this rule are the so-called “secret crushes” or “secret swarms”. If there is a person on the Facebook friend list or among the Instagram followers that you have secretly raved about for a long time, you can define them as a “secret crush”. This person then receives an anonymous message that someone has added them to their «Secret Crushes». If this person adds someone to their “secret swarms” who has also done so, the secret is revealed and the two profiles are shown to each other. On Facebook Dating it is possible to set up to nine “Secret Crushes”.

Interests and values

Other than that, there isn’t a lot of overlap when it comes to the dating profile and the normal Facebook profile. However, a user is free to activate certain groups or events to which he belongs for his dating profile. If you do this, you will also see matches from these groups of members who have also activated the dating option.

“In an exchange with our users, we found out that common interests and values ​​come first when it comes to finding a possible date,” says Orseth. “That’s why we attached great importance to these indicators at Facebook Dating.”

Simple video calls

Of course, they are also aware that the dating scene is currently facing major challenges. “Since we have seen in experience that people still have a great need for social contact and new acquaintances, we wanted to offer them the opportunity to arrange virtual dates,” explains Orseth. This makes it very easy to start a video call within the dating platform.

From Thursday October 22nd, Facebook Dating will be available in Europe. The function is free and, according to the company’s communication, will not include a paywall in the future either. In addition, there is no advertising to be seen on the dating service. The Facebook dating profile can be linked to an existing Instagram account, from which stories or pictures can also be shared.

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