Saturday, 17 Nov 2018

New look at the George R.R Martin show

You can not escape what's in there.

With another billboard in San Diego Comic-Con comes another new trailer. This time, Syfy was doing the unveiling of his new Horror Series Nightflyers based on George R.R. Martin's 1980 short story.

The footage establishes the central premise of the series (it's the year 2093) and a group of eight scientists travel in the Nightflyer spacecraft to the limit of the solar system in efforts to make contact with an extraterrestrial race) while launching clues about the terrors that await them – both on and off the titular vessel.

We also have a look at the cast of the show, including David Ajala, Sam Strike, Maya Eshet, Gretchen Mol, Eoin Macken, Angus Sampson, Jodie Turner-Smith and Brían F. O & # 39; Byrne.
Since Game of Thrones draws to a close next year, its eighth and final season will begin in 2019, it will be a treat to have more work from Martin splashed on our television screens. It will certainly bring relief to those of us who have usually scoured Netflix, Hulu, HBO now, Amazon Prime, and just about every other streaming platform out there for recommendations on the series of Game of Thrones .

Although it is externally a radical departure of dragons and death, swords and sex, wreaths and crazy queens of Thrones Nightflyers will present a ton of death of character all like the critically acclaimed and fan-worshiped epic fantasy, and is bound to be the next obsession of a Martin fan. (Rightly, given the intensity of this new trailer.)

Even people who have not yet figured out what Martin wrote may fall in love with Nightflyers Sent to 2001: An Odyssey of Space, The Shining, and Ridley Scott Alien . According to Nightflyers showrunner and executive producer Jeff Buhler, the show is deeply inspired by these classic films.

"We relied heavily on the shoulders of the great," said Buhler during a question-and-answer session in the middle of the panel Nightflyers at SDCC (via The Hollywood Reporter ). "We did not hesitate to draw the themes and even some pictures."

Much remains to be learned about Nightflyers but fortunately we do not have to wait too long to do it. Nightflyers will debut on Syfy this fall.

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