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New on Netflix: the blood-curdling horror series ‘La Révolution’

A bloody battle between rebels and the nobility is central to the series …

The new horror series The revolution which can be viewed on Netflix from October 16, 2020, takes place during the French Revolution. That alone is enough to put us (already) on the edge of the seat.

Serial The revolution takes place at the time of the eighteenth century. During that period, France is hit by a mysterious disease that causes rebels and the nobility to fight a cruel battle.

Bloodthirsty killers

We write the year 1787, a time when the future inventor of the guillotine discovers that there is a disease that turns the nobility into bloodthirsty murderers. The series comes from Aurélien Molas. The direction is in the hands of names such as Jérémie Rozan, Edouard Salier and Julien Trousselier.

Would you like to discover whether this series is for you? Then you can watch the trailer below. Do you want to start banging the series right away? In that case you can now watch them on the streaming service Netflix!

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