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New poll for DoRzeczy.pl portal. Who wins, who loses?

The study was conducted by Estimator. The question posed to respondents by the studio survey was: “If the Sejm elections were held next Sunday, which of these parties or coalitions of parties would you vote for?”

New survey results

He was at the forefront of the poll in support of Polish political groups Law and Justice (United States Law) with a result of 35.7 percent. This means a decrease of 0.2 points. percent compared to the last Estimator survey for DoRzeczy.pl from November 9-10, 2022. Such a result would give PiS 201 seats in the new Sejm, which is 34 less than in the parliamentary elections in 2019.

He was in second place Civic Coalition (Civic Platform, .Nowoczesna, Polish Initiative, Greens) with the support of 28.4 percent. (increased by 0.7 percentage points). The result means 143 parliamentary seats (9 more). The podium is closed this time The Left (New Left, Together), which can count on 11.2 percent. vote (no change). Such an electoral result would give the party 45 seats in the Sejm (4 less).

Further in the study were: Poland 2050 by Szymon Hołownia – 10.4 percent (- 0.2 percentage points), which would give 44 seats; Polish People’s Party (Polish Coalition) – 7.4 percent (+ 0.6 percentage points), which translates into 22 seats (8 less); Confederation of Freedom and Independence (KORWiN, National Movement, Polish Crown Confederation, Freedom Fighters) – 5.1 percent (+ 0.3 percentage points), which gives 4 seats (7 less). Training Paweł Kukiz should be outside the Sejm – Kukiz’15, which was indicated by 1.5 percent of the survey. respondents (+ 0.1 percentage points). The other parties, on the other hand, were chosen by 0.3 percent. respondents (- 0.2 percentage points), who statistically do one parliamentary term.

Declared presence

Estimated voter turnout in the Estimator survey for the DoRzeczy.pl portal is 56 percent. (+ 1 percentage point).

The survey was conducted on November 24-25, 2022 on a nationally representative sample of 1,041 adults using computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI). The results presented include only those who declared that they would vote in the elections and specified which political party they would vote for.

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