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New poll, Tusk’s high score. “You can see the fatigue of this power and this power”

Rafał Trzaskowski has emerged as the new leader in the trust ranking of Polish politicians, surpassing President Andrzej Duda who held the top position previously. Trzaskowski’s return to the leadership position was aided by his decision to distance himself from Donald Tusk. According to Marcin Duma, the president of IBRiS, both Trzaskowski and Tusk represent different hopes for voters, with Trzaskowski seen as a future leader for the opposition and Tusk embodying the promise of past opposition victories. Duda, despite facing criticism from the opposition, still holds a strong position in the polls due to his dignified and stylish representation of the presidency. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, nonetheless, has seen a decline in confidence, although his support remains stable among loyal PiS voters. The rise in support for Tusk can be attributed partly to the “lex Tusk” campaign by PiS, which turned him into a hunted animal and evoked solidarity and compassion among the public. Additionally, Tusk’s strong result is a reflection of his campaign centered around defeating PiS and the hope that he represents for the society.

  • Rafał Trzaskowski takes the place of the leader of the trust ranking, outclassing its last winner, President Andrzej Duda
  • Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is third on the podium, and Donald Tusk is right behind the podium. The leader of PO has not made such a leap in the ranking of trust in politicians for a long time
  • – Trzaskowski, who returned to the position of leader, which he already held, was clearly helped by the fact that he stopped showing himself ostentatiously at Tusk’s side – Marcin Duma, the president of IBRiS, tells Onet
  • He emphasizes that both politicians represent different hopes of voters. – Trzaskowski is a bit of a future for the opposition voter, and Tusk is a promise of a replay of the victories that the opposition once won over PiS. Tusk is a look into the past, and Trzaskowski into the future, he points out
  • — The second place of President Duda, widely criticized by the opposition, can be read as a certain transfer of the office to his person, but not only. Duda is the so-called your boy. He travels around Poland, he looks like a perfect son-in-law. And that is enough if, especially if we consume politics a bit superficially. It does the job, says Duma
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In July, 42.7 percent of respondents expressed confidence in Rafał Trzaskowski. respondents (20.8 percent definitely, 21.9 percent rather). This is 7.1 percentage points. more than last month. 42.5% have a negative opinion about it. (-8.2 percentage points), and neutral 12.9 percent. (nz.) survey participants. Thus, the mayor of Warsaw regained the first place in the ranking, which he lost in April. These are the results of the latest IBRiS survey for Onet.

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It ranked second this month Andrzej Duda. The president is trusted by 41.5 percent. respondents (15.8% definitely, 25.7% rather). This is more by 3.1 percentage points. compared to June. 49.1% do not trust him. respondents (-2.7 percentage points), and 9.4 percent. (+0.5 percentage point) has a neutral opinion about it.

The politician lost the first place after three months of leading the ranking.

On the last step of the podium was Mateusz Morawiecki with a score of 36.1 percent. trust. This is an increase of 1 percentage point. lower than in the previous survey. 57.7% do not trust the Prime Minister. respondents (+2.6 percentage points), 6.2 percent are neutral about it. people (-0.7 percentage point).

This is the worst result of the head of government since March this year. Then its shares fell to the level of 35.7 percent. trust.

In fourth place was the chairman of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk with a result of 35.9 percent. trust. This is more by 5.8 percentage points. compared to the previous measurement. Thanks to this, the leader of the biggest opposition party can enjoy the best result since April 2019 (then 39.9%), when he was still the president of the European Council.

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