new products unveiled, what about the iPhone keynote?

Apple has concocted a video keynote to present its new iPad and its new iWatch, without evoking the new iPhone 12. A new keynote would be in preparation, specially designed to present smartphones.

If there is one year that Apple does not lack in daring, it is the famous keynote organized annually in September. At this event, the apple brand ensures, each time, that the latest innovations that incorporate their new products are exceptional, even when sometimes they are minimal. This year, Apple hosted a back-to-school keynote without even mentioning the new iPhones, and just unveiled new iWatch and new iPads. Nothing revolutionary, but Apple is afraid of emptiness and knows very well how to fill it.

It must be said that Apple fans can find reason to rejoice, especially with the new version iPad Air, a new little gem of technology. Apple also announced that an online service dedicated to fitness and fitness will soon be launched and optimized with iWatch. To view all the announcements, nothing could be simpler: the full keynote is in video, below:

Obviously, the noticeable absence of Apple’s latest smartphone generates a number of questions, starting with these: will there be a keynote for the iPhone 12? If so, when will it be organized? According to the indiscretions that have leaked in recent weeks include the fact that Apple will organize a second 2020 keynote, in October. Apple has indeed had to deal with production delays, which lengthen all the time limits initially planned for marketing. Some clever people have noticed that in the presentation video of the latest iPad, the actor using the tablet creates an event in his diary: and it is the date of September 30 that was chosen by the designers of the small video module. Should there be a hidden message? It is still unlikely, but we never know with Apple … The firm of Tim Cook would in any case have four different versions of the new iPhone to present: a mini, a 12, a 12 Pro and a 12 Pro Max. A strategy adopted for the iPhone 11 and which convinced Apple to do the same for its brand new version. Learn more about the iPhone 12 in our dedicated article.

September keynote: new features presented

Apple presented an iWatch Series 6 during its keynote. This new connected watch has a singularity presented as a great innovation: it makes it possible to measure the level of oxygen in the blood of the wearer. This watch is on the market, in a few days, for $ 399. All details and features on this page of the Apple website.

Two other models were presented, less powerful, less sophisticated connected watches, but which incorporate new features compared to previous models: the iWatch 3 series, sold for $ 199, and the iWatch SE, sold for $ 279. All details and features on this page of the Apple website.

Apple introduced two new tablets during its September keynote. First of all an iPad 8, more powerful and of better quality than all the other models of the classic range. The product is sold for 329 dollars, pre-orders are already open. The characteristics are summarized in one picture:

Apple has also presented another iPad, its brand new iPad Air, significantly improved from the previous one. There again, the American firm has concocted a visual allowing to take note in a few glances of the novelties and the improved technical characteristics.

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