New record of the fight between Espinoza and Fernando De Paul revealed

Days from the fight between Gonzalo Espinoza and Fernando de PaulIn the defeat of the “U” against La Calera, new images of the focazo appeared between the two players.

In the record released by the CDF, it is appreciated when once the match is finished, the «Bulldog» and the «Tuto» catch each other with blows and slaps. That inside the field, because once in the dressing room sector, the spirits heated up even more and it was the big one.

“You don’t have to catch me, you don’t have to catch me!”, The Bullla goalkeeper yells wildly, while his teammates and part of the coaching staff try to control him. In this past, more than one of them inadvertently received a sweetie from “Tuto.”

And what did the other say? For his part, Gonzalo Espinoza did not stare at the ceiling. The blue midfielder stood in front of De Paul, grabbed him by the neck and also threw a rosary of those. The round left his teammates speechless, who finally managed to react to separate the opponents.

At the end of the video, and although the camera does not show any more images, it is still possible to hear the insults of an uncontrolled Fernando De Paul in the background. “Let go of me!”; “What’s wrong with you, what do you think?” “Stop, your mother’s shell!” He screamed.

Look at the images of the fight


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