New rules for entering Poland. Only in three cases will it be possible to cross the border

New rules for entering Poland in connection with the introduction of the so-called Covid passports were announced by Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska. – This solution will be valid in all European countries – he added.

Waldemar Kraska on Wednesday in Radiowa Jedynka he said that in the so-called covid passport will find out whether the person is vaccinated, is healed, or has recently been tested for SARS-CoV-2.

– A person who is either vaccinated, convalescent or who has performed a test within 24 hours will be able to enter Poland. This principle will apply not only in Poland, but also in all European countries, informed the deputy minister.

Covid passports from July 1

The European Commission has confirmed that the central IT infrastructure for green certificates will be technically ready on June 1. From this date, the period of connecting national servers of individual Member States will begin, which will end with the launch of the system in the European Union on July 1, 2021.

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A covid passport is nothing more than a QR code and a unique identifier that facilitates the verification of the traveler in terms of epidemic risk. The QR code will be available – as before – in the Internet Patient Account, in the mobile applications mojeIKP or mObywatel, i.e. in the so-called digital wallet. You can also get it in the form of a hard copy at the vaccination center.

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