New update for Comanche brings single player content and makes multiplayer free

Comanche is free to play as of today – at least the multiplayer mode. Anyone can download the new free version, check out the brand new tutorial and then compete against other pilots from all over the world. All the features of the multiplayer version are completely free and can be played together with buyers of the full version. The players have the choice between two different game modes, five variants of the Comanche attack helicopter, four varied combat drones and it can be fought on three gigantic maps. All Comanche buyers also receive a special skin to display their veteran status on the battlefield.

In addition, Comanche gets a new Early Access Update including a completely new mission: Operation Fire Sale. There the pilots end up in the majestic Alps, where they go into battle on board the Horizon variant of the Comanche with its special long-range armament. The mission is directed against a military installation of the Kude-Core-Organization where you should eliminate the opponents in the best sniper manner at a great distance …

Free multiplayer feature overview

  • All of the Comanche multiplayer is now available to everyone for free!
  • Including the two captivating game modes: Infiltration and Blackbox
  • Show what you’ve got and unlock all five Comanches, all four drones and tons of skins!
  • Enjoy multiplayer forever without any restrictions.
  • Crossplay: Players of the free version can of course go into battle against owners of the full version.

New tutorial

  • In a new flight and dogfight tutorial, players are introduced step by step to the functions and subtleties of the Comanche and the drone.
  • In the tutorial, the prototype of the Comanche and a “Circuit” drone are flown.

On top of that, the new update # 4 offers various improvements, such as fast loading times between matches, new sound effects, a revised UI and more. All changes can be found in the official patch notes:…

The free multiplayer version of Comanche is available here:
(don’t be surprised, it’s called “Comanche Demo” on Steam)

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