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New World, Shadow, Engaged and Marauder Factions – Breakflip

New World has made the wise choice to articulate its PvP on a system of 3 factions, instead of the usual 2.

New World is the MMORPG of Amazon Games, of which the release is scheduled for August 31. It’s an action RPG, without tab-targetting and without class system. In many ways, New World thinks outside the box to offer the most original gaming experience possible. The factions fighting over Aeternum, the world in which New World takes place, are three in number and are used to set up PvP.

Once the first village hit, and after a few introductory quests, you can choose to join the Maraudeurs, the Shadows, where the Committed.

The three factions of New World

Factions in New World are three in number. Joining one allows you to participate in the seizures of territories, to join a company and to activate the PvP mode.

To join one of these factions, you have to reach the first village and complete a few quests there until one introduces you to the factions. Be careful because your choice will almost be defined, you can only change faction once every 120 days! Here are the factions fighting over Aeternum:

  • The Marauders : A paramilitary organization seeking to establish a free nation where every person could prosper, if they are strong enough.
  • The shadows : A group of scholars seeking to uncover the secrets of Aeternum, they show intelligence and cunning.
  • The Engaged : Group of fanatics wanting to spread the divine nature and justice by getting rid of heretics and the ungodly.
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It’s up to you to choose which faction you will join in the conquest of Aeternum! Remember, however, that if you want to create a company with your friends you have to be part of the same faction !


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