New York Consul calls Dominicans in the State to register

The consul general of the Dominican Republic in New York, Eligio Jáquez, called on Dominicans residing in this state, as well as in New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, to register for the United States Census this year.

Jáquez stressed that it is important that Dominicans living in those areas complete the census, which is made up of “simple and mandatory questions.”

He added that “it turns out that we are here and here we must be counted, there is nothing to fear. I ask all Dominicans to attend the Census, to complete the forms and to do so by calling 844-468-2020. If we live here, we must be counted here, go ahead ”.

It is estimated that more than 1,200,000 Dominicans reside in the four states under consular jurisdiction, with the largest number living in New York.

On the other hand, the United States authorities specified that the Census provides essential information to determine their representation in Congress, the distribution of federal funds for states and communities, all based on data.

Every year billions of dollars are allocated to schools, health clinics, public transport, hospitals, roads, among other areas, and if the communities have fewer enrollees, the less funds will be delivered and many of these centers would be closed.

“When you respond to the Census, whether you are a citizen, resident or undocumented, your responses remain anonymous. These are only used to generate statistics ”, specify the authorities.

By law, the Census Bureau cannot share any information that identifies the person, their home or business, even with the police. Personal information is protected under Title 13 of the United States Code.


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